Thursday, 9 June 2011

Spanking in Films

I love to watch old films and especially if they include a spanking scene.

I know the name of this film but not the other two. So you film buffs out there please help a lady out.

Of course I know John Wayne but can't see the face of the women.

This guy I should know but his name escapes me.

Do you have a favourite spanking scene in a mainstream film?

Taking about spanking in films. I recently saw a clip again of Lady Jane getting birched. I posted it a couple of years ago, click here if you haven't seen it.



Erica said...

Did someone call for a film buff? :-)

The first photo is a very young Gary Cooper and Claudette Colbert in "Bluebeard's Eighth Wife." The second is John Wayne and Elizabeth Allen in "Donovan's Reef."

I'm not positive about the third one, but I think it's not from a film, but from a TV Western called "Temple Houston." The actor is Jeffrey Hunter; I don't know off the top of my head who the woman is.

My favorite mainstream spanking scene is the Robert Horton-Susan Oliver spanking from "Wagon Train." I know I blogged all about it recently and embedded the scene in its entirety, but now I can't find it!

ronnie said...

LOL, yes and I got a very talented one, thanks Erica. You were up late.

Robert Horton isn't the guy I was thinking of but yes Horton was in Wagon Train which I used to watch but how did I miss the spanking:) Shame you can't find it, I'll take a look. I'm sure our friend Chross will have it.

Now I Must go and find a copy of 'Donovans Reef'

Thanks Erica, appreciate it.


Hermione said...

I have Donovan's Reef on DVD, and watched it on my computer. When I got to the spanking scene, I put it on repeat, so the spanking looped and played over and over and over and ...


ronnie said...

Hermione - It must be a good spanking scene then.

Thanks Hermione.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I knew it was "Donovan's Reef", but was beat out by younger people that stay up later.

I am a big fan of The Duke, but "Donovan's Reef" is one of his films that should not be remembered.

I am as tall as Wayne, but my shoulders are not as wide, my voice is as deep and I have the "cavalry" shirts he was fond of wearing. But, close is no cigar.

Nick said...

True Grit 2010. Has the girl being spanked by the Texas Ranger (I'm not good with names).

I think John Wayne was in the original True Grit from the early 70s. Perhaps that's the film?

Nick said...

Ah I just read the other comments. Of course "Secretary" must have spanking in it somewhere. I must watch that again soon.

Florida Dom said...

Yes, the Secretary has a spanking scene. I just watched it recently again -- well i zipped through it to the good parts -- because it was on HBO.


ronnie said...

OBB - Maybe you could do a repeat of the scene in Donovan's Reef with Bacall and post it then I wouldn't have to find a copy:)

Nick - Hi. It Matt Damon who spanked the girl in True Grit 2010 and yes John Wayne was in the original but the last pic is definitely not from True Grit. I think Erica is right on the last picture.

Secretary is one of my favourites. Thanks.

FD - Yep it's worth watching again. What's HBO FD?

Thank you all for stopping by.


sixofthebest said...

Of the three movies listed, I would choose the 'Duke', John Wayne on, in 'Donovan's Reef'. But my all-time favorite, is the spanking scene in "Roots of Heaven". Where a naughty big game huntress, has her bottom bared, and given 'Twelve of the best'. with a hand on her naked rear end.

ronnie said...

SOTB - 'Roots of Heaven' haven't seen that one, thanks. I need to make a list of some of these films and see can I find the spanking scene on YouTube.

Thanks SOTB.


Red said...

I love any movie that has a little spanking in it.

1manview said...

Hi Ronnie, I'm a western fan so I will say the movie McLintock with John Wanye and Maureen O'Hara is my favorite. There were two spanking scenes in that one. One for mama, one for her spoiled daughter. It's funny, I never relized how I enjoyed spanking scenes until i started reading your blog.. lol ...

Peace... 1man

P.S.. Ronnie, HBO is short for "Home Box Office", a pay channel on cable TV in the good old USA... If it was on that channel, you can rent it at most DVD rental stores...

ronnie said...

Me too Red:)

1manview - LOL, Thanks.
I've seen seen the film. Hermione posted about it and mentioned that Wayne spanked his daughter but I don't remember seeing that bit.

Thanks also for explaining what HBO is.

Thank you both for stopping by.


kiwigirliegirl said...

I love True Grit - both the original version with John Wayne and the newer version with Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn. I think its Mat Damon that plays the texas ranger in the new one and it was Glen Campbell that played teh part in the original. The spanking scene in the newer version is much better than in the original. It had me squirming when i watched it.
Also Elvis Presley movie Blue Hawawi (bad spelling sorry) has a good spanking scene in it. Another fave of mine.

I will have to look out for Roots of Heaven. SOunds very interesting.

kiwigirliegirl said...

P.S. In the movie McKlintock John Wayne spanks Maureen O'Hara - and yes there is a spanking of the daughter by her boyfriend - you dont actually see it only hear it. Not such a good movie. Except the ending with the long drawn out spanking of Maureen O'Hara. I wasnt very impressed with The Secretary - one spanking scene in it.
And Donovan's reef spanking scene is right at the end and is very short. You can see it on You Tube.
And Lady Jane Grey is a great birching scene....very realistic. You can almost feel it when you watch it.
Have a great day guys :)

Ashley said...

There is a really great spanking scene in the show Weeds...I forget which season...four maybe? Put it in the search on youtube and you should find it. Anyways...I liked it. :)

sixofthebest said...

Ronnie, Uncle Nick, of 'Memories of a Strict Uncle', has a clip of the movie. "Roots of Heaven", in his movie clip file. And I am sure 'Chross', has one too, Good Luck in finding same, because in my humble opinion its a good movie.

Lea said...

I'm a big fan of James Spader and Secretary, myself. After a recommendation, I recently rented Lady Jane. The birching scene was good but I was happy with the movie as a whole, really interesting story. I recommend it if you haven't seen the whole thing. In the show Weeds which I also love, there is a brief spanking scene in an episode in season 4. If you watch the full episode, you later see her checking out her reddened bottom in the mirror and having trouble sitting.

Also a belt comes into play in a hot scene from season 6.

ronnie said...

KGG - Hello. To be honest I wasn't over impressed with the new version of True Grit, Jeff Bridges not one of my favourite actors but I do agree about the spanking in new version far better than the original.

If you come back and read comments. Sixoftheest say Memories of a Strict Uncle has the clip. Here's a clink to his blog, haven't checked it out myself yet.

Ashley - His, not heard of Weeds, is it an US show? I'll try YouTube, thanks.

SOTB - Thank you, I know MOASU blog, so I'll have a look and yes I'm sure Chross would have the link.

Lea - Hi. I have seen Lady Jane and thoroughly enjoyed, it, I love period dramas/films. Thought the birching was quite severe. Appreciate the links, will take a look when I have time.

Appreciate you all stopping by and thanks for the links and suggestions for some more spanking in films.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Lars Christian Steenberg said...

To me it seems alright even today that girls who kick ot punch or even shoot at men get a good, hard spanking in return. My own favourite of that kind is also Maggie Hamilton in Wagon Train, where they kiss, and the next morning she tries to shoot at him and he spanks her long and hard, and after that she is convinced that je loves her - and they kiss and and make up.

ronnie said...

LCS - Hello. That's a favourite scene for a lot of people. Thanks.