Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Spanked for Playing Hookie

I know some of you may have played hookie from school at one time or another but have you every played hookie from work and got spanked?

Well I did, and I got spanked for it. It shouldn't have worked out the way it did, it wasn't how I'd imagined it at all.

I thought P was going to Northampton you see, and I wasn't going into the office until the afternoon, the phone was on answer not diverted to him or me, Claire wasn't in, the office would be un-manned for half a day. P would get back before me, find out I hadn't been in all morning, ask me why, get no satisfactory answer and deal with me later. No harm done, really, I reckon 60% of our calls are cold sells anyway and all regulars have our mobiles.

Anyway like I said, it didn't work out that way. P didn't go to Northampton it was called off for some reason.
At about half nine my mobile went and it was P asking where I was as a delivery had turned up for me and reception had signed for it. How could P know that from Northampton, unless reception had phoned him? They wouldn't normally do that, it didn't make sense but I didn't have time to think quickly enough so I just said 'Oh I'll sort that out shortly, I'm upstairs checking some stock, how was the motorway?' I always ask him how his journey was. 'As far as I know the motorways are fine but I haven't been on one this morning I'm here at the office, I'll bring the delivery up to you if you like.'

Shit shit shit. I told him it wasn't necessary, didn't want to trouble him, I could do it no problem. I reckoned I could be at the office in less than 20 minutes and he wouldn't be any the wiser. Five minutes later I'd just finished drying my hair, still in my housecoat, I heard a car on the drive and the front door opened. Up the stairs came my husband.

'So you're upstairs checking stock are you? I looked upstairs as soon as they told me a delivery had arrived so I knew you weren't up there. What's going on, is there a man involved? A woman?' Now my husband knows me well enough, to know I would not be unfaithful to him. 'Where are they hiding?' He persisted, sounding very angry although I could tell from his voice it was exaggerated.

I thought about telling him I couldn't start the car then about saying I felt ill but didn't want to worry him, then ended up telling him the truth and we both started laughing. Then P got serious again and told me regardless of anything else I'd lied to him and that was unacceptable and seeing as I apparently needed a spanking so much, he'd make sure I got more than I bargained for. And he did. He sat on the bed, pulled me across his lap, flipped my housecoat halfway up my back and started spanking me quite furiously, gosh it had been a while since I'd felt his hand so hard and I was struggling in no time.

My thin Elle knickers didn't offer much protection and what little they did offer was removed after a couple of minute when P pulled them down and clamped his right leg across both my thighs to help keep me still while he increased the heat. He told me he wouldn't have lies from me (he knows I'm not really a liar) under any circumstances, he wouldn't tolerate it, he expected better from his wife etc etc......he knows how to make it sound much worse than it really is. I could feel tears welling up by the time he'd finished, from the the verbal admonishment not the spanking. Then he slid me onto the bed and told me to get dressed right away and come back to the office with him. I did and I winced when I pulled my trousers on, I'm sure by bum swells sometimes after a spanking.

When we walked from the car park over to the offices P still maintained his strict demeanour, I felt like I imagined a naughty schoolgirl would after being caught and taken back. I took my two boxes upstairs thankful nobody was around.



PK said...

Wooo Ronnie! Sounds like you got caught but good. That's one that will get your stomach tingling before the first spank. Isn't is so good thought to have such a relationship. To be able to tell him you were just doing a little bratting and never for a minute have him think it was any more than that. And a good hard spanking on top of that... you are a lucky woman.


Hermione said...

What a lucky lady you are, to be punished for not turning up for work. That wouldn't happen here; Ron encourages me to phone in sick and stay home.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Ronnie, you are a love, but I don't you learned much from this spanking, other than a new way to earn a spanking.

Sara said...

And what have you learned from this yong lady? Yes, I thought so!Keep better tabs on your husband before you tell him stories! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great story Ronnie.

ronnie said...

PK - Got to have some fun and it works for us.

Hermione - Could be different if Ron was your boss at work:)

OBB - I know but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to earn a spanking. LOL 'you are a love' I use that expression.

Sara - LOL, that's what P more or less said.

Joey - Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

Appreciate you all stopping by, thanks.



I think that we can mark that score up as Truant Officer 1 Absentee 0 :)


Daisychain said...

Mmmm, sounds wonderful! And, yes, I would get spanked more for telling a lie than anything else...and I am not a natural liar, so if I try, I am never successful, everyone always knows!!And Davey knows I am about to before I even start telling one!!!!!! xxxxxxx

ronnie said...

Prefectdt - LOL, love it.

Daisy - But it was only a little lie:)

Thank you both for stopping by.


Florida Dom said...

Love the story Ronnie. Thanks for sharing. Must have been nice to feel naughty. LOL.


Red said...

Great story... playing hooky and getting caught... only problem is that with such a nice reward, you might try it again soon...
PS: love the picture

ronnie said...

FD - Yes was a little naughty but a nice reward.

Red - Well a girl has to d something to get a spanking:)

Thank you both.