Monday, 9 May 2011

Would you?

Would you like to see someone get caned?

I mean really caned, not in a film or at an organised event but as if you were a fly on the wall, seeing a naughty girl or boy reprimanded for something quite real, asked why they'd done it, told there were no excuses, they were going to be caned.

Would you be glued to the expressions on their faces, hang on every word, wonder if they'd be made to remove clothing and how much?

Perhaps you'd be watching it through a one-way mirror or cctv. Would you hold your breath as the cane was raised, gasp as the stroke was delivered? Whose side would you be on, the caner or the canee?

What if you had one of those buttons, like they have on tv shows to vote, would you push it to make the caning harder, longer?

How would you feel, would you like to see a scene like that?

Perhaps you wouldn't or maybe you have already.

I'd be interested to hear.


Not sure whose pictures they are, please let me know if you do.


Daisychain said...

Oh, MY, what a question! It is arousing to fantasise witnessing such a thing; my immediate response would be, "WOW, YES!"
But I know there would have to be conditions....
1) I would not want to know the spanker or spankee personally.
2) I would have to be convinced that it was a serious offence that deserved such a punishment.
3) It would have to be closely monitored, being stopped prior to any broken skin - I can't bear those flogging type canings where the spankees bottom is bleeding/massively bruised. (I once saw a video of a real beating in one of the more primitive countries, where they carefully covered the body with thick material, except for the buttocks, then flayed them till the skin was a bloody pulp...long after the guy passed out. I vomited and joined Amnesty International!)
4) I would have to be certain I was safe. I had a bad experience with caning and any hint I might suffer the same fate would have me running for the hills. Davey knows about this and has never caned me.

Sorry for the LONG response! Hugs, xxxxxxxxxx

turiya said...

Nope... couldn't do it...



PK said...

I don't think I would. I think it's my hangup with the cane. Since it was never part of my fantasy growing up it just scares me a little. Now if you switch that to a paddle, save me a front row seat!


Hermione said...

Yes, I would like to watch. I really don't think I'd want to see anyone I knew get caned, unless it's someone I knew from the spanking blogs. Not a vanilla person, in other words.

I wouldn't want to make it harder; canings are hard enough already.

Maybe the one way mirror would be the best approach, unless there were chairs set out for the audience.

Good questions, Ronnie.


theadmin said...

Well, yeah. But I saw plenty at school, both public canings infront of the whole school, and in private as a prefect witness. Maybe its why I like dishing them out to this day of course. Being on the receiving end, well, have a read over on my blog for our experiences... Well, my rubicon moment was the last hiding I ever got at school back in the 80's. 12 with the strap from my assistant headmistress and it wa then that I knew. I've blogged about it at length over at


Our Bottoms Burn said...

We have seen canings at parties. None severe, don't care for that. But, yes, I think we would watch.

Good question.

Kaelah said...

An interesting question, Ronnie! If it were a real-life punishment, I wouldn't want to watch or to be part of it. I'm not into that, I'm only into spankings between consenting adults. But if the two people were kinky and both wanted to do that scene, it would be very interesting! My favourite implement is the cane, so I would like that as well.

As for going harder or not: It would depend on the preferences of the people involved. I mostly enjoy (softer or) medium-severe play, but from time to time I like to play more severe as well and I can also enjoy watching more severe scenes. So, if the people involved liked more severe play, I would be game. If not, I would prefer to watch a lighter scene.

And I guess my mindset would be a mixture. I would cheer for the spankee, but being a switch I have a sadistic streak as well.

Simon(e) said...

Whilst my fantasies might include watching, administering or receiving a non-consensual punishment I wouldn't want to see one for real. The nearest I've come to seeing a real punishment was at school in England in the 70's. A very attractive young lady was misbehaving during a gym lesson and was bent over the vaulting horse by the gym mistress and given 6 smacks with a plimsoll. Since she was wearing the skin tight red gym knickers girls wore in those days I found it very exciting,even at the age of 14. In fact I can probably date my interest in spanking etc to that day.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I have seen a person being caned, not severely but hard enough. We watched and commented that it was not for us. But later down the line we were intrigued by it, and tried it, both as receiver and giver. It was not horrible, and we now have a love/hate relationship with the cane.
But to answer your question yes I would watch, but only with a person in the scene. And I would draw the line at any blood being drawn.

sixofthebest said...

I sure would love to see naughty lady, get a good caning on her bare bottom. Yes, her naked rear end should be encased, in suspender-belt and stockings to make it more erotic for me. Also if this naughty woman deserved a good caning, I would love to see her receive, 25 strokes of a pliable swishy stinging cane, descend upon that voluptous bare bottom of hers.

Sara said...

Nope, no interest! 1st, I suspect the cane is more of a British interest, & 2nd, I don't seem to have much of the voyeur in me. To each her own!


It depends. If the caning is non consensual then a resounding no. If it where between a couple in a DD relationship for example, then even though it is real punishment, consent is still there, then yes.


just a girl said...

Nooo ... couldn't do it. I wouldn't even want to watch myself getting caned on video. I completely understand how it can be exciting and even erotic but not for me!

ronnie said...

Thanks for stopping and thanks for all your input, very interesting.

Daisy - . Yes I agree with you and I can understand No.4 if you've had a bad experience with the cane. Don't aplogise for long comment. I asked you answered, what I wanted. Thanks.

Turiya - I know not everyone would want to witness that. Thank for stopping by.

PK - Watching someone get paddled, probably would do nothing for me. Thanks.

Hermione - Oh I agree not a vanilla person and for me someone I didn't know. Could have been a good question for Bonnie's Brunch. Thanks.

Theadmin - We didn't have caning at our girls school and that's probably why I have this love/hate relationship with the cane. Thanks for the link will make sure I pop over when I can.

OBB - It would be very different watching a scene like that to one at an organised event. Thanks.

Kaelah - I have this hate/relationship with the cane and have actually asked for it when given a choice of implements. I would watch a punishment scene as long as consent was there but not too severe. Thank you.

Simon(e) - Maybe if I had seen a caning at school I might have different feelings. Welcome and thanks for your input.

James - Hello and welcome. I agree I wouldn't want to see a too severe caning and definitely not severe enough to draw blood.

SOTB - Why 25 strokes?

Sara - Yes the cane definitely a British thing and I know a scene like that wouldn't be for everyone. Thanks for commenting.

Prefectdt - If it was a real punishment fine as long as both have consented so I agree. Thanks.

Just girl - Welcome. Funny I wouldn't want to see myself getting caned on video either but someone else, yes erotic. Thanks.

Personally I would like to see someone get caned.

For me it would have to be someone I didn't know not even from the blogs and I wouldn't want them to know we were watching. (but definitely not vanilla as Hermione said and between consenting adults.)
I'd like to watch through a two way mirror and with P by my side, just the two of us.
I know I would want to see the expresssion on her/his face and hear the words spoken.
Definitely would gasp as the first stroke landed knowing what it feels like. I'd be on the side of the canee.

To me it would be thrilling, erotic, in fact I think it would make me quite hot especially if P had his hand on my bottom.

Seeing it happen to someone on my own or with a different implement would probably do nothing for me.

Thanks again.


Hedone said...

I am a voyeur. I would not mind seeing someone get a light to moderate caning. I would like to watch the person being caned expressions. I would not want to see a hard know that type that draws blood.

ronnie said...

Hedone - I would be the same, moderate, wanting to see the expressions of the person being caned and to hear what was said.

Thanks for your input, appreciate it.


Pink said...

I absolutely would want to watch -- in the same room, if allowed.

I do think I'd want to be poised at the recipient's face instead of at the other end, so I could not only watch the reactions, but the determination of the caner.

While I've never been in the same room as someone being caned, I have had the pleasure of watching and being watched. It magnified the whole experience. I'd definitely do it again.



ronnie said...

Pink - I would like to see someone caned but I wouldn't want them to know they were being watched, it would add to my experience wouldn't be the same for me if they knew.

Have you blogged about that caning experience?

Thanks Pink.


Raven Red said...


To be honest, if I had a bottom that was similar to most of the photos that I do post on my blog, the answer would most probably be yes.
Reason for the bottom thing? The watcher can be very quickly become the one to be watched...and right now, eh...the bottom has yet to attain the right size for that exercise.



ronnie said...

Raven - I don't think you'd be too concerned what your bottom looked like if you were being caned:)



Red said...

Wow, what an interesting question for spanking readers. I agree with Hermione that I would like to see one, but nothing of the sort that appear on some sites where blood or strong bruising is occurring. A two way mirror would be best, but that sort of means the situation is staged.
Lastly, only if it was in a consensual spanking arrangement, where the spankee gives the right to the spanker to determine when and where they are spanked!
Then, it would be simply amazing.

ronnie said...

Red - I would like to see one myself but not one that's staged, I would't want them to know they were being watched.

Thanks Red.


Raven Red said...

I did leave a comment before - this was before blogger became quite bloggy about everything!

Short version: No. Watcher might land up being watched. Bottom status appearance? Not watchable.