Wednesday, 4 May 2011

What Drought?

You remember I posted about having had a spanking drought for a while and then Easter weekend P spanked me twice the same day just because he wanted to.

Well he wanted to again on Monday. It was a public holiday here and our son had gone up to Chester to have lunch with some uni friends, the weather was beautiful, the buzz from the royal wedding had worked its way through the media (not too soon for P, he's not a monarchist at heart) and then Monday morning we got the Osama demise story which rightly eclipsed all other news. Added to that P had received some good news from a friend in South Africa about some goings on in Namibia, gobbledygook to me but it seemed to make P happy so I was happy too.

'Do you remember last weekend when I spanked you?' He asked. I did, and what happened after.

'I'm going to do it again.' I looked away so that he wouldn't see the smile on my lips and asked what I'd done wrong. 'Nothing at all,' he said, 'in fact you've been very good. Too good for your own good in fact... if that makes sense.' It didn't make sense at all but then he added that in any case he just wanted to.

So he gave me the cane.

His hand

And to top it off the lovely John's paddle

Not necessarily in the right order you might think, and I would agree, but it suited the somewhat eccentric ridiculousness of the occasion. He didn't 'do me' as it were afterwards, worse luck, but he did suggest we went for a walk on the Chase, which we did and where he bought us both ice creams from a mobile van and I exaggerated how sore my posterior was and made sure I went in front of him on the up hills where it was single track. Before returning to the car we stopped at a small pub overlooking the hills and sat outside in the sunshine with a couple of beers, we hadn't been there for ages and it was under new ownership. P said we should come back in the evening for a bite to eat in their restaurant, it had been refurbished and looked nice, so we did.

You know it really pays off being good sometimes.



PK said...

I think it paid off for you beautifully! Spanked, ice cream, out for dinner - doesn't get any better than that!!

Big Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great evening from my perspective.

Hermione said...

A wonderful way to celebrate the good news on Monday. It sounds like a lovely day off.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

...made sure I went in front of him on the up hills where it was single track.

Yes, yes, you are being very good.

abby said... cream, beer and spanking...3 of my favorites, not necessarily in that order! sounds wonderful!

ronnie said...

PK - I'll have to be good more often.

Mick - Lovely Mick. Good to you.

Hermione - A perfect day in every way.

OBB - It's good being good :)

Abby - LOL, Beer and spanking my favourite, ice cream I don't really like except for a mint cornetto which is what I got.

Thanks all.



Spanked when you are bad and spanked when you are good. That's a real win win situation :)


Florida Dom said...


Oh, WOW,thanks for sharing. How nice the drought is over. Maybe it is time for the deluge.


Daisychain said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!!!! You should be too good for your own good more often!!!! xxxxxx

Red said...

Both you and P definitely had a great time. P is definitely determining the spanking schedule, which is delightful. If i have the phraseology correct, a snogging even a day or two later still contains part of the thrill of being spanked, specially if you verbalize some of the event while shagging.

ronnie said...

Prefectdt - And we all like win win situations:)

FD - Now your talking LOL

Daisy - Oh I can be good, very good when I want to:) Good to see you Daisy.

Red - I know exactly what you mean.

Thanks all.


Raven Red said...

News travels both directions they say, so seeing that P received good news from South Africa, can I now please have some good news from the UK??
I also want the spanking, the ice cream and the beer...oh, and that other "do it" thingy as well...



ronnie said...

Raven - Good new from the UK mmm, I got spanked yesterday, well good news for me:)

Thanks Raven.

Hope your enjoying the weekend.