Monday, 6 June 2011


How was your weekend? We had problems with our home internet yesterday a real pain.

SWOT, no I haven't mis-spelled. SWOT is Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats.

What's it got to with me? Well I was talking with P the other day about increasing sales, profit margins and that sort of stuff and he asked me why I don't take a step back, look at my own little business overall, treat it as if it were someone else's business and I was considering buying it. Do a refresher SWOT exercise on it. Refresher, he said, I can't remember ever doing an original but anyway I did as he asked and showed him my SWOT exercise later in the day, written on a sticky note.

''No that's nowhere near the mark,'' he said, ''you can't conclude much from that, use an A4 sheet and don't just list one-word points, add the reasons.''

God, P, I was only asking for a bit of friendly advice. I think I prefer SWAT, much more fun, I'll probably get one if I don't follow up now that my nearest and dearest has taken the trouble to assist.



PK said...

Yep, I'd prefer SWAT(S) too. The other sounds like too much work.

Hope you get your internet problems solved soon!


Hermione said...

Swats for not doing a proper SWOT - now, there's an incentive!


Red said...

The dogging bat (I had never seen one before, but heard of it often on Hermione's site) should provide a fun incentive. Do a great review of the business,and ask for a friendly reward.
Happy spankings

ronnie said...

PK - Work I'll have to do now:) Everything back up and running, thanks.

Hermione - LOL a good incentive but somehow I don't think P would go for it this time. Thank you.

Red - I first heard about the dogging bat from Hermione and PK. Tried to get one but no such thing available in the UK (or at least I couldn't find one) so PK very kindly sent me one (as shown in phots). Personally I quite like it, it's bark is worth than it's bite though, well my opinion. Cheers.


Florida Dom said...

To SWOT or SWAT. That is the question. LOL.

And good to hear everything is working again Don't you feel so isolated when can't connect.



Swot is also a word. The school swot always had his homework in a day early, for example.


ronnie said...

FD - Thanks. Yep can't do with out the internet.

Prefectdt - I was never ones of those school swots:) Cheers.