Monday, 23 May 2011

Spanked in Sainsbury's

How have you enjoyed your weekend?

Saturday P had to go into town to pick up a few things from the open food market in the square (he swears they're better than the supermarket) as we were having friends round for dinner and he was cheffing. I needed a normal weekly shop too so P dropped me at the supermarket and told me he'd see me in the pick up zone in half an hour prompt.

I never made the half hour, to cut along story short which I don't normally do:) I met a work colleague, well she doesn't work with me but in the adjacent office, who'd just come back from a holiday (of sorts) her organisation help improve the lot of senior citizens and she'd just spent 4 days in Torquay with a bunch of OAP's. One of them had been taken seriously ill and admitted to hospital, another had got drunk on a sing-song evening, a couple had wanted to go home after the first night because the beds were too soft, it went on and on and frankly it didn't sound much like a holiday to me, not for my friend anyway, she looked knackered. If I'd been on my own I think I would have suggested we go and get a coffee or better still a glass of wine, I think she deserved one.

So time went by and we were still in the fruit and veg section chatting when I felt a light smack on my bottom, "what have you been doing you've hardly started," I saw Sue's eyes widen as she flashed a friendly smile past me to my husband, she couldn't have missed what he did. I explained, Sue backed me up and said it was all her fault, I wondered if perhaps she might like a smack on her bottom too, she often flashes her eyes at P. "Well you'd better hurry, I've left the car in the pick up area," he said he would come round with me to make sure I got a move on. I certainly did because in every isle of Sainsbury's I got a smack on the bottom and a 'hurry up' or 'we don't need that.' I kept telling him to stop it but he wouldn't, he obviously found it amusing, we crossed trolleys with Sue again by the household detergents and P hurried me along with another pat on the bum; she noticed it, definitely, she even looked back as we passed. And as I was looking back too, to see if she was looking back, our eyes met and I'm sure I saw a sparkle there. She knew, I thought.

It's funny now I'm writing about it, we did get some looks from one of two other shoppers because P didn't let up until we got to the checkout.

I think it was the quickest shop I've ever done.


Photo from our friend Hermione over at Hermione's Heart.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful story. Did you skip the household goods section on purpose?

PK said...

You know I just love P! Does he give lesson? I love that your friend was looking and you saw her looking and she saw you see her looking! You two will be fueling her fantasies for a while I imagine.


Sara said...

Funny to be watching, but if it were me with my husband, I'd have a few choice things to say later!

widgets said...

You got what you deserved for going shopping with P.
I never go shopping with aj as he not only questions the items but also the brands. He has even taken some merchandise out at check out and told the clerk he wants the cheaper brand. On many things he is right. Also he hates stores and this is worse in a clothing or shoe store where he is obstinate and down right nasty. In a shoe store he loudly calls me Imelda (the Philippines president's wife who had 500 pair of shoes) When we get home I will spank for this behavior.

a hidden slave said...

Haha Ronnie , this made me really laugh out loud, I love and Sainsbury's.
I shall definitely check it out next time I go. I once got my hair pulled back in the Co-op to look at the ceiling (it was in a beautiful old building in a village) and I froze like a rabbit in the headlights. I can just see you scooting down the aisles:)

ronnie said...

Joey - Passed my colleague in the corridor. She just smiled but didn't mention Saturday, thank goodness.

PK - I think she does have a thing for P so you could be right.

Sara - You can be assured I had something to say when we got home but P had the last word and you know what I mean by that:)

Rachel - You had me laughing. I'd be embarrassed if P took items out of the trolley and said he wanted cheaper brands.

HS - Thinking about it now it must have looked strange to some of the shoppers. That Co-op sounds lovely.



Hermione said...

What a fun way to shop. We always go together but I only get evil glances if I dawdle or spend too long comparing nutritional information on two similar products. I second PK's question: does P give lessons?


ronnie said...

Hermione - If P comes food shopping with me I have to do another shop later in the week.

I'll ask P about the lessons:)

Thanks Hermione.


1manview said...

Mmm, maybe I should try that. My spouse must read the label on everything, drives me nuts. Especially when it's a brand we have been using for years... At least one of use whould be happy... Nice post...

Red said...

Ronnie: Absolutely wonderful to read. P is proving to be learning how to take charge and have fun. I await with interest the discussion you have when you next meet with your friend.
Your desire to be spanked outside may be getting closer to fruition.
Happy Spankings

ronnie said...

1manview - You should try it, certainly made me get a move on. Thanks, good to see you.

Red - We passed in the corridor but nothning said, yet. Outdoor spanking could be getting closer Red, now I wonder what our weather will be like over the weekend:)

1manview, Red, thanks for stopping by.