Thursday, 19 May 2011

A question for Tops or Bottoms

I was talking with Bogey over at OBB about knickers.

He'd posted about white knickers and I said his post had reminded me I needed some new ones as P sometimes likes me to wear plain white knickers when he spanks me.

Picture from Red Charles

Bogey thought most tops would like to go and choose knickers with their partners. Now it's true that P sometimes likes to go with me to choose knickers for spanking but I don't think he'd be comfortable going on his own even though he has bought me glamorous knickers in the past. It seems ladies sexy knickers are OK to buy, a nod and a wink from the girl at the checkout, imagined or otherwise, would be fine but un sexy ladies knickers......well why would he be buying them? What would the checkout girl make of it? I mean I've never actually asked P about this but it's how it seems to me.

So the the question-

I wonder how many tops actually do go shopping with their partners to choose their knickers/panties/boxers for spanking.

Do you go and choose them together?
Maybe he/she goes alone and chooses them for you?
Or she/he leaves it entirely up to you to buy whatever sort you want?
Or maybe none of the above as you never wear them for spanking?

I'd be interested to hear if you'd care to comment please.



Little Butterfly said...

Ooo... I love all the pics! To be honest, sometimes I wish Daddy would tell me what kind of panties he likes, or play into the fantasy of liking certain kinds for spanking. I mean, I definitely go to a lot of trouble picking out panties that I think make my behind look the best, when I know he's going to be back there paying attention to it. And the white cotton panties? Sometimes I deliberately pick them for under cute skirts to have a more innocent, schoolgirl type feeling. But alas, I do not think that Daddy is a panty connoisseur, and, although it would play into my fantasies more to leave them for a bit, he has me remove them before even starting to spank. Ah well!

widgets said...

Good Morning Ronnie:
Since this is an FLR; I take aj shopping for panties and have on occasion asked the sales lady what she thinks of them on him. One of the most enjoyable parts of spanking him is seeing them on him before he goes otk for me and then my pulling them down. I always tell him "You always wanted to get in women's panties: now you are!" Then his roasting begins.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

We have enjoyed panty shopping together all our married lives. A little treat for us. Of course, she has been shopping without me, such as something to do at lunch. Nearly every Christmas she has an underwear gift for the both of us.

Sara said...

I do the shopping myself, although Grant has apparently been to Victoria's Secrets for one Christmas shopping spree. In truth, he seems to appreciate my taste and I provide variation for his veiwing pleasure. Shopping together? Nah, I don't think so.

just a girl said...

I shop for them myself because I love them to be a little surprise gift he gets when they are exposed. (And I have a pair just like the picture of the tiny thong with the bow!) He's let me know what his favorites are. He likes white and he likes a little lace - but he also likes a surprise!

I must admit that it's slightly disappointing when I spend an hour shopping and deciding on a cute pair and they are summarily dropped to the ground when I'm placed in the corner or told to remove them. My favorite moments are when he's taking his time lifting up my skirt and running his hands and fingers over them, even spanking over them and only then pulling them down. Yuummmmmm!!!

He hasn't bought me a pair yet and he hasn't asked to go shopping with me but he has had me take pictures of all of them and post them to our online journal ;)

ronnie said...

LB - Thanks. You know I spend more time choosing knickers for spanking than I do with clothes. Try not wearing any next time and see what he says:)

Rachel - Hi. Do you choose for AJ when shopping or let him choose them?

OBB - Do you choose each others then?

Sara - I'm similar to you. Yes P has come with me to choose but I much prefer to go on my own and surprise him. A few blogs have mentioned Victoria's Secrets lately.

JAG - Hello, welcome. I do love those thongs with the bow. Next time your out shopping for some new knickers maybe you should send him a few pictures with you in them:) I've done that a couple of times to P with a saucy message:) Thanks JAG.

Really interesting reading your comment, thanks.


mouse said...


Daddy did in the beginning, but has turned it more or less over to mouse. It is funny's the only time mouse is allowed to wear them, is when he spanks.....


MarQe's Study said...

I often buy multi-packs to ensure girls I visit for spanking are wearing correct attire. No problem.


Annie's Woodshed said...

Wait no fair you get to wear knickers when you are spanked? hummmmmm

I wear granny panties any way but they are not always white I do have some with daisies and hearts. but I just don't have the figure for those little scraps of material that some call panties.

Red said...

Ronnie: A combination of all of the above. I first bought lace type panties for myself, and Cindy was surprised but not unhappy. We have since bought panties for her and me at the same time, and have a couple of identical pairs, but different sizes. I imagine the sales woman knew who they were for, and displayed a discreet happy face.
Happy Spankings

Season said...

Hi Ronnie! I am one of those quirky women who HATE shopping. Hate. Well, I do love shopping for books and perennials for the garden. But that's it.

So I tend to buy what clothing items I need through catalogs or online. Make it as fast and painless as possible.

But perhaps next time I'm on HerRoom ordering new panties I'll have Michael do it with me if he wants to. *blush* At least no sales person will have to witness my blushing!

Of course - he says he likes my panties best when they are crumpled up on the floor so he may not care all that much what kind I wear as they all end up the same.

Mick said...

We've gone together before, but I'd much rather help her pick them out from a Victoria's secret catalog. It puts me in a good mood.

PS, I could have sworn I posted earlier. O well.

ronnie said...

Mouse - I wonder why he wants you in them when he spanks, has he said? Thanks Mouse

MarQe - Oh my do they get an extra stroke of the cane if they're not wearing suitable ones?

Annie - Your daisy and heart pants sound lovely. I say to him sometimes what's the point of wearing any when you just take them down but I do love it when he slowly pulls them down whilst lecturing me Mmmmmm.

Red - Sounds like you have fun shopping for them together. Happy spanking to you.

Season - Oh I'm sure Michael takes notice of what pants your wearing but I find it quite thrilling when P sometimes picks out a pair and whispers how he's going to spank me in them.

Your not on your own hating shopping , my friend is the same does all her shopping on line, food, shoes, clothes the lot. I have to drag her with me if I want her second option on an item of clothing.

Mick - Blame blogger. It is you feel more comfortable than going around the lingerie section with all the other women milling around?

Thanks so much for sharing with us.


mouse said...

He likes the look and feel of them....he loves the act of pulling them down....

ronnie said...

Mouse - You can argue with that:)

Thanks Mouse.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Hermione said...

Panties don't play a part in our spanking fun. I shop for them alone; Ron doesn't care what kind I wear. I also buy undershorts for him, and he approves of my taste in men's undergarments, although they don't have anything to do with spanking either.


ronnie said...

Ah yes Hermione, If I remember correctly in one of your posts you wrote about wearing knickers for a spanking.

Thanks Hermione.


Dave The Rave said...
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Dave The Rave said...

Dave The Rave said...
Since I received almost all of my spankings on my bare tush, the clothing items I model are teasers. Men's bikini swimsuits, thongs, etc. The velcro tear-away bikinis are best - one yank and my ass is bared and at the ready!

One woman, however, handed me a gift and said I HAD to wear it if I opened it. That is the "golden rule", anyway. It was a pair of control-top pantyhose in nude!

She helped me into them, pulled them up high so that my bottom was molded. Then, across her lap and I received a very hard paddling with a shower brush! Stung like hell!

ronnie said...

Dave - A different experience for you then being spanked in tights. I know how that feels:)



HEDONE said...

I want to bite that guy's's nice.

I had a boyfriend that looked awesome in boxer-briefs. Great thighs, perfect hard round ass, niiiiice package. He bought his own, sometimes we'd shop together. If the boxers lost their "fit" or didn't hug enough I'd throw them away. Once I bought him a sexy pair of manties I saw on the "big cock, tiny thongs" blog. It was a pair of boxer briefs (a shorter length leg than usual), sheer and white with a cock holder that holds/cups the penis causing it to stick out. YUM!!! He said they weren't comfortable. I said, suck it up and get used to it...LOL LOL

He was total eye candy.