Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Garden Cane

You may remember me telling you our OTK cane had broken and that P was going to buy another one from Gerry over at Cane-Iac.

Well, did I get one? No.

We were chatting the other evening, we'd just had sex actually (why did I tell you that), and I asked him if he'd received the order from Gerry yet. His reply was no, to be honest he'd forgot to place the order but we didn't need one now. Why, I asked, I mean I love our OTK cane, he told me because he'd found the perfect substitute which he'd show me later. I shuddered.
He did show me later and gave me a little sample of it and to be honest it's perfect. It's a garden cane, not the thin whippy green type but the thicker bamboo type and it's about 2 ft long so perfect for intimate OTK use. He didn't cane me much with it but he could have and even though I was drained (I knew there was reason for telling you about the sex), or thought I was, I felt myself dampen with those few wicked stingy little swats.

So it goes into the arsenal. Then I got to thinking his birthday is coming up and I always try to buy something spanking related so why not a new a implement, even though we do have quite a lot and probably less than 10% get used, but can a spanko have too many, I think not.

If do decide to buy him a new implement, I'm thinking of possibly either of these two, what do you think?

The Rubberwood Spanking Paddle from Coco de Mer (actually a good price considering most of their items are way too expensive for me.)

Or The Reformatory Paddle from London Tanners.

My leaning is for the Reformatory Paddle as I've never been spanked with an implement with holes in.

Tell me please those of you who have, is there a difference between a paddle with holes and one without.



Michael M said...

Dear Ronnie
I hope that the garden cane works for you in the short arm OTK position.
If you are looking for something "ouchy" but economical and supplied in the UK can I suggest ?
They have a lovely Singapore Stinger paddle (without holes) and a Two Tailed Leather tawse which delivers a fantastic message.
Their service is quick and discrete.
You are correct that a paddle with holes will deliver a sharper more intense sensation but good quality ones can be hard to find in the UK.
You could always try getting your partner to make one and test it out against one with no holes.
Best wishes
Michael M

PK said...

I'm glad you love the cane but you are never going to turn me into a fan! LOL! I'm voting for the Reformatory Paddle. I am looking for something like that myself, leather, a little like a belt but more substantial. Of course you could get both, but P might think you spent too much and then you might be spanked - gee wouldn't want that to happen would we?


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I think that holes mostly serve the mind. If you think that a holey paddle is more severe, then it will be.

Can't help with the choice. Both look good to me. Guess it depends on your current ratio of leather to wood.

I know, get one now and the other for your next birthday, anniversary, etc.

Hermione said...

I haven't had an implement with holes either. Ron prefers a stiff implement to a floppy one (many would agree!) so he would vote for the rubberwood paddle. I like the look of the strap.

Must try to find a cane like that at the garden centre. They always sell out of stakes quickly. I wonder why.


Red said...

Definite vote for the ones with holes. They say that it allows the air to escape just at contact, so that the air does not serve as a wee bit of cushion, dampening ever so slightly the full impact of the spank. Maybe that is why a loopy johnny that some people write about is so effective. All implement, flies easier through the air, and no cushioning at impact.
Loved the story....spanking after sex... re-awakens the fires..
happy spankings

ronnie said...

Michael - Hi. Thanks for the link to Bondara will take a look. Ah the leather tawse, we have two, both I love, the longer more.

I think the Reformatory Paddle will be well made coming from London Tanner though I have never bought anything from them before.

P making one, no he's better using one than making one:) Lovely to see you Michael and thanks.

PK - No I certainly wouldn't want that to happen LOL. I do love the look of the Reform Paddle. I'll see what's about for you.

OBB - You could be right about the mind thing, just don't know not having tried one. I'm being a little frivolous if I do buy one as we have quite a few and they just don't get used. Wanted something I hadn't tried before. Thanks OBB.

Hermione - Maybe you should buy Ron a tawse, it's stiff but flexible and certainly gives the ouch feeling but I love it or for Ron's next birthday or Christmas whichever comes first treat him to a cane. Personally I much prefer the bamboo garden cane than the thin green ones but saying that they both have their merits:)

Red - We have a wooden twisted Loppy Johnny, I hate it so you could be right about the no cushioning, maybe I should think again. I've had to use our safe word when the LJ was used the only time.

Appreciate you all stopping by, thanks.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Shame you don't use the ones you already have. Maybe you should have some kind of a spreadsheet listing the last time each one was used. LOL. But it could lead to more spankings if you see you are overdue to be used by some of them. Or maybe you could have a policy that each one must be used in a certain amount of time.

I'd say go for the one with the holes just to have a new experience.

And assume the sex was good, too.


Sara said...

I have never tried one with holes...but hear they are more ouchey. I know I'd pick leather over wood any day though! Whatever you choose, we get a full report, right?

ronnie said...

FD - Oh FD don't mention spreadsheets. I think we really could do with trying each one out and disposing of the ones I dont like, notice I say the ones I dont like LOL. And yes the sex is always good.

Sara - I think I would agree with leather over wood. You know me, I do like to share:)

Always a pleasure to see you, thanks.