Friday, 29 April 2011

'Yes you will Kate'

Kate will not promise to 'OBEY' Prince William in her wedding vows today but I've heard a little rumour that he has different ideas for after their wedding.

Wishing the couple a long and happy life together.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



PK said...

I hope this will be the exact scene later today! I'm watching right now - they just kissed. I must say you in the UK do know how to throw a wedding!

A long and happy life to them!

Hugs, PK

Red said...

One can always hope!
cute picture

Florida Dom said...

PK: The royals are very good at weddings. It is the marriage part they have problems. Let's hope it is better for Kate than Diana and Fergie.

widgets said...

Ronnie: I think you have the picture a little wrong. The roles in your photo should be reversed. It is going to be Kate's Common sense and her strong hand well applied to his royal bottom that is going to keep this marriage on a loving and balanced keel. Best wishes to them for a long and enduring lifetime.
Rachel & aj

ronnie said...

PK - Like to think it would be PK:)

Red - I think Kate and Wills be good together.

FD - You are so right. There has only been the Queen and her youngstest son who haven't divorced and of course the Queen Mother didn't

Rachel and AJ - LOL. I think you could be correct. She's a strong women and will need to be now she's married into the Establishment.

Thanks all. Have a great weekend.


Pink said...


I always thought it would be rather sexy to pledge obedience in front of friends and family. I removed it from the vows my first go around, because that was how we were then.

If it were ever to happen again though, "obey" would most definitely be included!

Have a great weekend!



Daisychain said...

I promised to obey in both my marriages.... however, in my first marriage, he was too weak/lazy? to make any decisions, so I took on all decision making simply because SOMEONE had to! It made me a stronger person in the end... When he left, that strength helped me through...till I met Davey...I promised to obey him too, and boy, he will make sure I do!!!! *contented sigh*
I wish our newly wedded royals a happy, long, blessed marriage and LOVE your pic, Ronnie!!! xxx

Hermione said...

We'll never know whether she gives or gets spankings, but it's fun to fantasize. Pippa looked very spankable in her dress.

What a wonderful wedding day that was!


ronnie said...

Pink - Did you know when Di decided to leave 'obey' out, it was was the first time in the history of British royal weddings for a future wife to do that. I wonder how many women now would leave it out now.

Daisy - Happy yur back safe and sound. Thanks.

Hermione - I'd like to think that they could be into TTWD. I agree Hermione, it was a wonderful day for them and wish them health, happiness and a long life together.

Hope your all enjoying your weekend, thanks for stopping by.


sixofthebest said...

I hope William has 'a spanking good time' with Kate, each night of his married life. And that 'spanking good time' should include 'six of the best or more with the cane on her knickerless bare bottom.

ronnie said...

SOTH - It may be Kate whose giving William six of the best each night:)

Thanks for stopping by.


Raven Red said...

Loved the photo!

I personally think if any spanking will be happeneing, it will be Kate on the receiving side.

From what I have seen, it is the strong willed, (well apparently the other word to use is "headstrong") women that normally land up over laps with bottoms being smacked.

I do hope for the both of them that their marriage will be a success.



ronnie said...

Raven - I think you could be right. In his speech William said Kate is his rock.

Thanks Raven.