Friday, 8 April 2011

London Working Girls - Tart Cards

Come and join me and we'll take another peek into my Working Girl's Tart Book.

Because all tart cards essentially retail the same product, many of the girls had to become inventive and persuasive with their vocabulary in order to sell their wares.

So the girls had to add a little humour and wit and you would frequently find expression in brief lines of poetry from chirpy rhyming couplets:

New number new place
Ring me now for the place!

If you're feeling rather randy
Always keep this number handy!

Or enticing invitations

Often girls would parody the phrase of popular adverts such as this re-working of a Heineken beer ad.

Our simple two liners. I like this one:)

Or the more menacing doggerels

Plain blank verse adaptations

Or just straight to the point

You can view more here.

Have a wonderful weekend.



Little Butterfly said...

So that's where Rihanna got her lyrics! LOL (2nd to last one)

I love these tart cards! It would be fun to make some as a joke and leave them around for Daddy :)

Poppy said...

I am so glad that someone else likes these. I think there is something delightful about them.
Have you read that Victorian review of London tarts?

joeyred51 said...

Very interesting collection of London tart cards. You do everything in the UK with so much more style than your cousins across the pond. Cheers.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I would like too see the reaction Americans would have if they woke up one fine morning and saw tart cards all over town.

As in most things, the Brit sense of humor and fair play is evident here.

ronnie said...

LB - LOL, could be. I made one myself and posted it and might just have to do another one.

Poppy - I too think they really are so delightful. No, haven't read that review, do you have a link to it please?

Joey - Thanks. I'm sure there must have been some sort of advertising by girls around Vegas perhaps, not sure.

OBB - This Brit has a sense of humour but many people found these cards highly offensive, Don't forget they were mainly displayed in telephone boxes (before people really had mobiles) and the boxes were full of them showing nude girls, bottoms, breasts and more.
Personally I love them. Working girls, one of the oldest professions and will always be around, one way or another, well I think so.

Thanks all.


Hermione said...

Oh, the last one's the best! I like "Stockings and garters..." too.


ronnie said...

Hermione - Me too:)


Poppy said...

Ronnie, it is a book. I have the book but that is all. I will see if I can find it somewhere.
And guess what?
I was just at Dave Wolfe's blog and there is says that girls may be naughty on Fridays with no consequences.
Good, huh?

Red said...

fun tart cards. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend..

Raven Red said...

Love the "Come into my parlour" adjustment.
The same poem's opening lines, were standard quote that my science teacher use to utter, just before we had to sit down for exams! (Make you wonder? - GRIN)



ronnie said...

Poppy - Would love the name of the book if you could find it please. I'm loving Dev:) Thanks.

Red - My pleasure, happy you enjoyed them, have a good weekend yourself.

Raven - LOL. Think it would have unnerved me before an Exam.

Thanks all, always appreciate you taking time to stop by.

Have a wonderful weekend.


findingsara said...

These are great! You have a nice weekend too, Ronnie!

ronnie said...

Thanks Sara, I am so far, weather here is gorgeous.


Pink said...

"My quality is not a promise. It's a guarantee."

I'll have to remember that for my next propositioning.

ronnie said...

LOL,thanks Pink.