Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Just Because

You know on Monday I posted the little snippet I found in the Sunday Times Style magazine. Nothing about spanking, not involving me anyway, and that's because I hadn't been spanked since whenever, in fact I think I was beginning to forget what it felt like, well that's what I was going to tell P. But in the end I didn't need to.

I had been good, you see, right over the Easter weekend. No really, I had been genuinely good. I had several opportunities to be otherwise but I just didn't take them. No tantrums, no sulks, no contriving to get spanked, I was even kind to his mother when she graced us with her company Sunday evening and I volunteered to take her shopping Monday morning, which I duly did.

Yet still there I was over P''s lap Monday afternoon getting a spanking, my first of the day. He'd called me in from the garden where I'd been tidying some borders.

'I was just watching you,' he said, 'doing all that bending and stretching and thinking to myself what a nice spankable arse you've got.'

Then he took me by the upper arm, through to the lounge, sat on the sofa and hauled me across his thighs which were bare as it happens because the weather was lovely and he had shorts on. Then he spanked me. He didn't take my trousers down, they were thin anyway, the light summer cotton type I think they came from Gap. But he spanked hard and I felt the blood rushing to my nether region as well as my face and it was delightful. And I was able to shout a bit because our son had gone into town and our neighbours were away for the weekend. Then after he'd spanked me he told me to get up and go on back to my borders, he'd be out later after he'd finished some mail. The nerve of the man! And I didn't even ask at any point why he was spanking me. I mean I had been a good girl.

I did go back to my borders but, first, I popped upstairs and removed my knickers. Yes you heard me correctly, well It was hot! I was too. After about half an hour P came out with two mugs of tea and settled into a garden chair. He had a newspaper with him but he didn't read it, he was watching me instead, I could feel his eyes on me as I exaggerated every little bend and stretch wondering if he'd notice that the bottom he'd just spanked was now sans knickers. He did and I heard the wicker chair creek and knew he was getting up, I didn't look round, just carried on weeding my weed-free soil and bending my backside lasciviously towards him. Then I felt his hand on me, you can imagine where. 'What sort of naughty girl comes out to tidy up her garden without any knickers on? What would the neighbours think? I think you'd better come inside.' It didn't need an answer and I didn't need telling twice, although I gulped when P stopped to borrow a garden cane from a plant pot, wiping the damp soil on the leg of his shorts. His intention was plain and I felt butterflies but I mean, I had been a naughty girl this time.

I was shortly staring at the same patch of carpet I'd been studying less than an hour earlier. I still had my trousers on but then I felt P's hands at the waistband, then the button, then the zip and then they were down to my thighs and I let out a whimper and shuddered at the same time. Then the little telltale swish which you're just about aware of before the sting of the cane sets your bottom alight. Then, on this occasion anyway, hardly time to gasp or cry before the next stroke and the next. Six in all.

'Ooh god, P, you caned my bottom, why did you do that?' I asked trying to sound shocked.

'I told you, because you were naughty. And just because I wanted to. And now there's something else I want to do.'

And he did, after bending me over the arm of the sofa with my trousers at my knees and I loved it and made so much noise it frightened me. And I'm sure one day I'll die of a heat attack from such an impromptu session. And I'm sure it won't be a bad way to go.

Afterwards he told me put my knickers back on, make myself respectable on and come and sit outside. When I joined him he'd made two fresh mugs of tea, he's so thoughtful.



1manview said...

Who would of known that naughty would feel so good.. lol... Delightful post ronnie.. Have a great week...

Raven Red said...

I am going to take up gardening RIGHT now.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. Cheers.

Malcolm said...

he should have done that outside, not taken you inside for it. That would have added a good deal of frisson to the proceedings. Next time, refuse to go in and it will have to be done outside.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Just because spanking are delicious

widgets said...

You got what you needed for being good and then you got caned for being a good little commando. Everything should have been done in the garden then it would have been communing with nature. Enjoy

PK said...

Lovely session!! What a wonderful end to a short spanking drought. Just so nice that he noticed your lovey attributes while you were doing an ordinary daily task. P is a really good guy.


abby said...

I smiled the whole time I was ready this! Sometimes, being good hs it own rewards!

ronnie said...

1manview - Thank you:) Enjoy the rest of your week.

Raven - LOL with no knickers on?

Joey - Thank you for reading and leaving comment.

Malcolm - Would have loved to be spanked outside but we have two sets of neighbours :(

OBB - Delicious indeed. Thanks.
Rachel - Don't think our other neighbous would have seen it as communing with nature:)

PK - He really is so thoughful LOL. Good to you see you back.

Abby - I think I'll be good more often:)

Thanks all.


Red said...

Wonderful post. P is such a thoughtful husband. I definitely agree that if you haven't been spanked for awhile, the spanking is felt even more!
happy rogerings...

Hermione said...

Ronnie - what a good girl you are, to do all that weeding. No wonder P felt moved to give you a reward for your hard work.

I'm afraid neither of us can go out with bare legs and no underwear yet - not warm enough. But I might lay in a fresh supply of canes just in case - for the garden, you understand.


Rogue said...

Whew, that was hot!! Somebody grab the garden hose and cool me down, please!

Hmmm, that gives me an idea that could land me in trouble. ;)

Dave The Rave said...

So you were naughty? Like they say - naughty is the new nice.

ronnie said...

Red - He has his moments., LOL. Thank you.

Hermione - P has bought a bunch of canes home all different thicknesses and I know they wont all be for the plants.

Rouge - Be careful what you plan:)

Thanks all.


Dave - Hi. I like that - 'naughty is the new nice.' Thanks.