Monday, 4 April 2011

He Gets Good Results

Did you have a good weekend?

How are my weigh-ins going, I hear you ask? Very well, thank you (what, you didn't ask and don't give a fig? well I'm going to tell you anyway). Last Friday I was bang on target. I think I tried harder during the week because the previous Friday when I hadn't shifted a pound, P said if I didn't make any progress I would get 18 strokes of our school cane. Well I made progress so no strokes. There, wasn't too painful was it?

Now a silly snippet, the girl across the road from us is having driving lessons, she's really nice well the whole family are actually, but I've winced on the two occasions I've see her start her lesson, she's stalled and then kangaroo jumped off down the road both times, I told P her instructor just sat there, I mean he's got dual controls, the least he could do would be to help the poor girl get away smoothly from her own house. P disagreed, he said everyone has to learn, the dual controls are just for emergencies. Then he said it wasn't a bad thing if she found it tough, she might quit and that would be one less woman driver on the road. How unkind! Good job I know his sense of humour.

Later I showed P this lovely little cartoon.

photo from Strict Uncle

I asked him if he thought it was the right way to proceed. He smiled and said 'Maybe in some cases, but then again if the learner were like you they might just keep failing.' Now I wonder what he means by that.

Out yesterday, Mother's Day, so catch up with you all soon.



Raven Red said...

My father taught me to drive...but it took a couple of years before my mother was comfortable getting into a car with me.

She was the one who started teaching me to drive, but is not a good idea to put two hot headed women in one car.

After I nearly removed the garage door with HER car, we both called it quits, and my dad stepped in.

Happy to say though, she now thinks I am as a good a driver as what my dad is.



PK said...

My dad an Nick both tried to teach me to drive a straight drive (stick shift) I was doing okay but I didn't really learn until I took the car off by myself and tried (I already knew how to drive). If Nick had tried the method shown in the picture I'm afraid P would have been right!

Hope your mother's day was fun and that the weigh in goes as well next week.


Sara said...

Good job on the weight loss Ronnie! You've just reminded me that I promised to teach our youngest how to drive stick shift. Whip lash is a possibility!

Hermione said...

It sounds like she is learning on a standard (stick shift). So did I. It was difficult, but I gained confidence once I was able to go out by myself and experiment with the clutch and gears without anyone to tell me I was doing it wrong.

Happy Mother's Day!


sixofthebest said...

I love the 'caning spanking photo'. So perfect a spanking position, of a beautiful bare bottom, encased in garter-belt and stockings, being truly caned. What more can a 'spanking enthuisast like me want in my life, but to see more of the same.

turiya said...

Hope you had a great Mother's Day... and congrats on the weight loss! :-D

Florida Dom said...

They had driver's ed in the summer in high school and all I remember is there was this hot girl who wore shorts and had great legs. LOL.

Gosh, I can still remember those legs all those years later and I can't remember where I just put my keys. Is that sick or what? LOL.


ronnie said...

Raven - I hadn't passed long and was parked in a tight car space (multi storey car park) took me quite a few attempts to get out. 2 blokes just stood there laughing. It was a good job P wasn't with me:)

PK - Mother's day was real fun PK :( I want to loose 1lb this week. Hope your weight regime is going well.

Sara - Thanks and good luck with your son's driving lesson. Mine preferred his dad teaching him:)

Hermione - Thanks Hermione. Same here, I learnt with the gear stick and yes it was hard at first but I did pass first time:) Never driven an automatic.

SOTB - It's one of my favourites photos as well.

Turiya - Thanks, had some gorgeous flowers and card from son really lovely, thanks.

FD - LOL. So you were a leg man then.

Thanks all.


Daisychain said...

Great photo! I too had a not fun experience just after passing my test....several in fact...may just do a post on them one day soon!! xxxxxx

ronnie said...

Daisy - Thanks, hope all's well.


Red said...

Well done... losing another pound. Share your secret. Only disappointment, you should have received a good girl spanking by hand or implement of your choice. That would REALLY add motivation!
Loved the drawing.

ronnie said...

Red hi - Thanks. Don't know about sharing secret but I have changed what I eat slightly.

For breakfast I have porridge with blueberries/ blackberries,slices of banana or whatever fruit I have, glass of hot water and lemon juice, cup of tea. I've cut out sandwich for lunch and only have fruit. Dinner the same, rice, fish, chicken veg whatever but smaller portions.
I used to have a snack after dinner so have cut that. No wine/beer in the week (I only had wine or beer when we went out so can't really count that) Checked the scale this morning and still on target:) I have to start jogging again.

Good luck to you Red, I think if you cut our your red wine completely during the week you could see a difference.

Thanks for stopping by Red.