Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Empress's Ivory Spanking Fan

Bawdy baronet's steamy love for Empress Insatiable.

Yep that was the actual headline that got my attention, it was featured in the Sunday Times, I had to read it, the photos are terrible and obviously old so sorry about that but I still snapped them. The Empress in question was Tz'u Hsi who apparently ruled China ruthlessly for 47 years until her death in 1908. The baronet in question was Sir Edmund Backhouse, who went to live in China and became the leading Sinoligist of his day.

The article runs through all sorts of decadent 'lifestyle' predilections of the day including male eunuchs, concubines and extended sex sessions fortified by birds nest soup and opium. Yeah all pretty mundane stuff, that's what I thought too then I found the bit about the spanking. Apparently, according to the memoirs of Sir Edmund (now retrieved from the Bodleian Library in Oxford), he was thrashed by the Empress using her ivory fan on his rear.

Well! I've encountered spanking in China myself on a visit there but I doubt it was carried out with an ivory fan. I asked P to mention the spanking Empress to his Chinese contacts and see if they'd heard any stories about her but he said no way, they'd think he'd gone mad, they still regard Mao as a hero of the people.

His memoirs 'Decadence Mandchoue' comes out this month. 'A unique and shocking glimpse into the hidden world of China's imperial palace with it's rampant corruption, grand conspiracies and uninhibited sexuality. '

Wonder if it's worth a read.



Anonymous said...

My father worked in China from 1898 to 1932, in Beijing up to 1911. He never mentioned anything like this, but he worked in the Consular
Service so probably he was insulated from the Empress and her court.

Raven Red said...

Well, looking at her face - that is clearly one lady you did not mess with. Can quite imagine her spanking bottoms...



elle said...

Well, you could always say you're swotting up on your history!!

love and hugs xx

PK said...

You always find the most interesting things! I agree with Raven - she does not look like one to mess with.


Hermione said...

An ivory fan spanking? Very kinky! I must wander through our Chinese section of town at lunchtime and see what I can find.


ronnie said...

Anonymous - Hello. Possible or it could be all in Backhouse's imagination. could be an interesting read:) Thanks for leaving comment.

Raven - LOL, yes I thought that.

Elle - Now that I could say, thanks.

PK - Just lucky finds though I do scour the Sunday Times to see if anything interesting to share:)

Hermione - I bought a fan home from our China visit (not ivory) but not used. I wonder if I still have. Happy Shopping.

Thanks for stopping by.



As the old Chinese saying goes 山貓 電話 山水 火車.


Malcolm said...

My mother had a ivory fan she brought back from China. It certainly wouldn't have stood up to the use you mention.

ronnie said...

Prefectdt - yes as the old Chinese saying goes - 'Yamaneko Tel mountains and rivers train' LOL

Malcolm - You could be right but I found my fan yesterday and whacked the cushion a few times with it (not ivory) didn't break:)

Thanks both.



OK, Busted. I just copied and pasted some Chinese words at random. Cyber brating is fun :)


ronnie said...

Yep I agree:)

Thanks Pref.

Have a good weekend.


Red said...

Empress KINKY: fun to read. thanks