Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Strict Optometrist

My optometrist said we were using 2 charts, both new. So imagine my shock when I put those cumbersome glasses they make you wear over my right eye and went to read the letters. I must have looked shocked and I'm sure I went red because he asked if everything was OK, I mumbled yes and worked my way to the 'bottom' line.

But when I put the glasses over my left eye and he changed the chart, I nearly fell through the chair, I felt my face burning, I thought it must be a wind-up but then the optometrist didn't know me, I was just a client after all

I'm sure you guessed I was only joking. I did have an eye test on Monday actually and I did have a fleeting vision of the optometrist spanking me for not doing well with the field test (that's the space invader machine where you have to zap the little dots which stream in from all angles) but he didn't really show me these charts:)

Pity, don't you agree the charts could do with livening up?



Hermione said...

I wish my guy had those charts.

Never had the Space Invader test.


Season said...

I'm not the only one who fantasizes about eye doctors, dentists, car repair guys, etc. while at appointments? It's amazing the things you can get spanked for in those situations! Well, in fantasy, that is. *Grin*

Surrendering Slowly said...

I thought it was only me.. Or at football games when the guy screws up.. *LOL* or the repairman, or a fireman.. hmmmm... doctor... *LOL*

ronnie said...

Hermione - Would certainly liven up an eye test. The Space Invader test is to check your peripheral vision and can detect any diseases such as glaucoma. Do can get carried away when your zapping the little dots.

Season - Fireman, Policeman even the washing machine repair man who came the other day :) This eye guy is new and quite the dish, the last one was a lady.

Surrendering Slowly - Hello. Oh no your not on your own, The list could go on :)

Thanks Hermione, Season and SS, appreciate you stopping by.


turiya said...

WOO HOO! I'd go to that optometrist. I need to see one again soon... hmmmmm... ;)



Red said...

fun charts, thanks for sharing. PS: i remember that once I had to do an eyechart as a test , and i sort of walked up near it while others were standing in line, and memorized the middle to bottom immediately. I did very well on that eye test.
I still remember the hard line Defpotc...
oh well

ronnie said...

Turiya - Would be fun.

Red - Now Red that naughty. Funny the things you remember.

Thanks both.


Anonymous said...

That's really funny. Now, I'm thinking of the different things that could be said on an eye chart.

ronnie said...

Mick - Thanks. I did have fun doing it. Here the link to the chart maker.


Daisychain said...

Damn, was going to ask what optometrist you go to, and get the phone number, lol!
Hugs, xxxxxxx

Hedone said...

Very cute.

Now, how can I make an appointment with YOUR optometrist?


ronnie said...

Daisy, Hedone - Would certainly live us a trip to the optometrist:)

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you both have a lovely weekend.


Raven Red said...

LOL!! Absolutely loved this.



Abel1234 said...

Just brilliant!

ronnie said...

Raven, Abel - Thank you very much.