Friday, 11 March 2011

Oh Please.....

Oh please not the hairbrush again.

What is about the hairbrush? I've never heard anyone say they like to be spanked with one.

Have a good weekend.


I think this may be a drawing by Paul Meadows not sure. Anyone know?


Anonymous said...

I've never heard they liked it either. Maybe I need to get one :).

Cassie said...
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PK said...

I hate being spanked with a hairbrush but mentally it has the same effect on me that the cane seems to have on you. Maybe it's what we feared and fantasied about as a child.


Pink said...

It is definitely a mental thing. "Go get your hairbrush," is a powerful sentence, particularly because it is MY hairbrush.

But my hairbrush is broken -- split right down the middle. Not sad at all.



Hermione said...

It's a love/hate relationship. You just reminded me that I have to post about a certain hairbrush.

Have a good weekend!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Maybe this is British thing? In more than one poll Americans prefer the hairbrush by wide margins over any other implement.

We are not one of those Americans. They burn! Usually used OTK, where the licks are given faster, they are a terror.

Burn them all!

ronnie said...

Mick - I'm sure Lynda has one you could use :)

PK - Something you hate but you just have to have it.

Pink - Would you like me to send you a new hairbrush :)

Hermione - Glad I jogged your memory, I'll look forward to reading it. Enjoy your weekend.

OBB - I didn't realise that Americans preferred to be spanked with a hairbursh more than any other implement and I totally agree, gather them all up and burn the lot.

Thanks and hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.


Red said...

Ronnie: the fun thing of a hair brush is that you can see it sitting out in the bedroom and another in the bath room, and it looks perfectly innocent. However, we all know that it can be very effective, depending on how it is used.

Dave The Rave said...

The hairbrush 'symbolizes' a paddle in miniature form. A few who spank me have one at tableside. Of course, once I am over their lap, totally exposed, I am unsure what is going to happen. That tends to arouse me. When it IS used, it stings real bad, but isn't used much - only a few well-placed swats. Then, a firm bare hand to finish things.

ronnie said...

Red - I keep my hidden out of sight. The bathbrush is another story :)

Dave - Yes I never thought of it like that 'a miniatre paddle' I like Bogey's idea burn them all:)

Thanks and hope you both have a lovely weekend.


Bonnie said...

Hi Ronnie,

I think for many of us, a wooden hairbrush taps into a longstanding punishment fantasy. From that perspective, getting spanked OTK with the hairbrush can be a real turn-on, especially before and after the fact.

The actual spanking, of course, is painful in a blazing bottom, hop up and down and rub sort of way. But even this can be arousing when it feeds those primal fantasies.

It's also the implement of choice in stress relief scenarios.

So at our house, the hairbrush definitely has its role.


Raven Red said...

To be honest, I only had ONE whack with a hairbrush, mine by the way - which was sufficient to make sure that it remains hidden/lost/broken etc if there is any request for it.

I unfortunately have long, thick hair - still looking for a comb that will get through all of it, but I am positive that I will find one. (actually praying very hard)



ronnie said...

Bonnie hi,

For us the hairbrush doesn't play a major part in spanking probably because early experiences more often would have involved slippers, plimsolls and canes particularly in
English schools although of course they're not used nowadays.

The cane does it for me these days on the punishment fantasy side. I bought a nice wooden hairbrush but it doesn't get used all that much, I also like the the paddle (American import) for OTK which gives me the turn on atop a blazing bottom.

Raven - I wish you luck finding a comb:)

Thanks both.



I don't mind being spanked with a hairbrush but (and this has happened a few times) it is really annoying when a top turns it around and starts brushing the hair on my lower back, as a joke. OK I know I am a bit hairier than average, I do not need to be constantly reminded of the fact.


Daisychain said...

WHATEVER I am being spanked with is my hate of the moment!!!! Once he moves on to a different implement, I usually wish for the discarded one to return....till it does!
Maybe I am just perverse!!! xxxxx

ronnie said...

Prefectdt - That would spoil the moment for me.

Daisy - LOL, I'm a bit like that sometimes.

Thanks, hope you both have a good week.


Em said...

I don't think you could say I *like* being spanked with a brush, but it is definitely one of my stronger fantasies. It is also the implement that has the most effect on me when I need stress or emotional release.

It's a combination of the position (OTK with lots of contact between you and the person spanking you), the speed, and the concentrated force of the stroke that overwhelm all of my defenses in a very good way.

ronnie said...

Em hi,

The hairbrush isn't a big part of our spanking and I can't actually remember when it was last used. The leather paddle does it for me:)

Thanks Em.