Monday, 28 March 2011

Made me Smile

This made me smile last week.

It was beautiful weather last Thursday and I decided to walk to the office, it's about 25 minutes and it's good for me when I have the time. I was about 15 minute there when I heard a car horn toot behind me, I ignored it and it went again, I looked round this time and it was my husband who waved just before making a right turn into a side street we never use. Odd. I waved back and carried on to the office.

An hour later P came in and I asked him where on earth he was off to when he made his right turn. Ah, he said, he hadn't really wanted to take that turn, he should have taken the main right turn a couple of hundred yards sooner but he spotted a nice spankable ass walking along the road ahead and wanted too see a bit more then when he got closer he saw it was me and tooted.

'What,' I asked, 'you actually missed your turn to follow a backside along the road?'

Of course, why not,' was all he said. I don't know whether he's joking or not half the time.

'So it could have been any backside and you'd have done the same,' I said initially offended, 'I think that's a bit sick and a bit worrying.'

'Not at all,' said P. 'When the days comes that I no longer appreciate a nice shapely spankable bum on the street that's the time to worry.'

I thought about it. I suppose he could be right. And after all, on this occasion at least, it was my backside.



Anonymous said...

On behalf of all guys, I apologize, but not much. We can't help it.

I think it's great that you still make your husband's head, and car, turn.

Anonymous said...

It is part of the male DNA. I confess that I am also guilty.

What a great complement from P to follow you and toot.

And, be honest ladies, I have seen you gasp at some male bums.


PK said...

I love it! I love that it was you but I love that he's so interested anyway. Shows that the man's mind is in the right place. Because regardless of whose bottom he looks at yours is the only one to get that wonderful special attention!


Hermione said...

So you still stop traffic, or at least reroute it? That's admirable.


Malcolm said...

I do it, too. And I don't see it as a confession, rather as an assertion. I would feel bad if I wasn't wired that way. In this country women often wear skimpy clothes all year round. I'm usually walking, and when I see something nice I like to catch up and have a look at the face that goes with it. It's nearly always pretty. Seldom does a delicious bum go with a plain face. That means you must have a pretty face, too, Ronnie!

Sara said...

Perhaps P's wired with "Ronnie Radar"? It sure seems so!

ronnie said...

Mick - LOL your all the same and we wouldn't change you for the world.

Joey - LOL, yes I must admit I've certainly took a peek a some men's bottoms:)

PK - And I do so love getting his special attention:)

Hermione - LOL I suppose you could say I did. Thanks.

Malcolm - Your sweet, thank you.

Sara - It's funny you say that. Once time I was walking in town and I had a strange feeling P was behind me (I didn't even know he was in town) turned around and there he was grinning at me.

Thanks all.


Red said...

Ronnie: normal human male reaction. When he stops admiring, he will have been dead for at least an hour.

turiya said...

LOL... yeah I'd be a bit worried if Asha stopped looking. And yeah... at least it was your bum :-D you know for sure now without a doubt that it's one he's definitely attracted to!



Florida Dom said...

It's lucky the woman you posted the picture of wasn't walking along that road or he might have run off the road. LOL. Seriously, though, how nice yours caught his eye.


ronnie said...

Red - Next time he doesn't check out a nice bum, I'll make sure I give him a prod LOL. Cheers

Turiya - Sometimes I wish he wasn't so attracted to it:)

FD - That's for sure. LOL. Thank you

Thanks for stopping by.


Daisychain said...

Heehee! Now, he would have HAD to take a detour, to drive ROUND my bum, its so big!!! LOL, good for you. I lost my shapely figure years ago, be damned if I could ever find it again.... xxxxxx

ronnie said...

Daisy - Davey loves you just the way you are.