Monday, 7 March 2011

I did get caned in the end

How was your weekend?

I haven't forgotten I was going to tell you about the weigh-in session the week before last, Friday 25th Feb to be precise, the one where P discovered the break in our sweet little OTK cane.

So what happened, I hear you say, or yawn yawn here we go another weight story, been there seen it done it. But actually I have an important point to make and I've even provided evidence to support my theory, and for those of you who drop by here to check out spanking (well it is a spanking blog), there was that too and I'll get to it, trust me. It's a little long:)

First the weight thing and our bathroom scale gave me an horrific 9st 10lb reading

and my target was 9st 7lb. Now that guaranteed me a spanking and I wasn't trying to wriggle out of it but I was truly shocked at the reading because only 2 days earlier I'd checked my progress and recorded 9st 8lb. I called P to double check, he agreed it was odd but the scale doesn't lie...or does it? I could see he had sympathy for my predicament and he asked me if we should postpone my, ahem, reprimand for a week and buy another scale. I declined his kind offer but asked him to take into account that it seemed really and truly impossible that my weight was 3lb over target. I got spanked and I will come back to that but I don't want to lose my track.

On Saturday we were in Tamworth and we purchased a new scale anyway, at the same time I hopped onto Boots' weighing machine which gave me the ghastly printout shown here. Yep I'd apparently gone up 2 pounds from the previous day!

When we got home I tried the new scale and I was 9st 8lb. P got involved (technical expert), he re-set it, still 9st 8lb. Then he re-set the old scale and I jumped on that..........9st 8lb!!!!!!!!

Now I've often in the past suspected that doctors surgery scales and high street store scales were purposely calibrated (dishonestly) upwards (no legal actions please). I mean doctors are always telling us to lose weight and Boots make millions selling diet products. I am convinced of it, I really am, and P added more weight (pun not intended) to my thrust....he reminded me that when we travel by air we always check our baggage weight using the home scale and it always matches close to the airport check so it can't be wrong, the anomaly the previous day was just a fluke it needed re-setting.

And now to my spanking, which was very fair under the circumstances. On one hand I'd performed abysmally and deserved stern treatment but on the other there was an element of doubt and P could see I was genuinely shocked. Nevertheless, honourable woman that I am, I agreed to take my medicine. P went to equip himself with what he considered appropriate to carry out the task and returned with our cane-iac OTK cane. Broken. When he refused to use it because he said it wouldn't handle correctly, I don't know whether relief or disappointment showed on my face but it didn't last long because my thoughtful husband popped through the lounge door and returned with our school cane the one with the curled handle. He'd obviously brought it down with the cane-iac one and left it outside the door.

''Don't worry,'' he said, ''I know there's a big question mark over this weight thing. Now bend over the table.''

Not strip off, or drop your jeans, just bend over. I did as instructed, I do trust my husband's judgement. I heard him move behind me then adjust a little to my left where I could just see him through the corner of my eye, then the lightest of taps against my backside as he measured up and I'm sure a little whimper escaped me. Then it was quiet and the air went still, or that's how it seems to me, and a very long split second before the splat of the cane landing against both buttocks and the white hot streak of pain followed by that burning feeling which however much you wriggle you can't shake off. I know a sound escaped me and it definitely wasn't a whimper, I must have clenched too as well as wriggling because P put his hand on my back and calmly told me to relax my bottom which I did encouraged by the comfort of his hand, only to receive a second stroke as soon as I'd settled. Christ I've been caned before but even with my jeans on this seemed to hurt and I shouted out as I tried to wriggle myself into the oak of the table.

''Keep still, naughty girl, or I'll have those jeans down.'' Oh god certain phrases do things to me and I'm certain my wiggling took on a lewd 'dare you to' challenge, I'm sure men can read such signals. He didn't take them down though, instead he gave me four more hard strokes delivered very fast which had me stomping my feet wiggling and shouting all at once.

Then his left hand was on my back again keeping me in position, his right cupped each of my burning cheeks in turn, he told me to calm down, his right hand smoothed its way round to my belt which he loosened, then the button and zip on my jeans, then his hand was on the front of my thigh inside the leg of my jeans, then the side then the back. My jeans were loose now, his hand found my right buttock it must have been hot even through my panties, he murmured something but I don't know what it was, I pushed my backside back to get more hand.

He brought his other hand down, I wasn't struggling now, and lowered my jeans to my thighs.

Then I lost contact with his hands, I pushed my bum out further but they'd gone, I though he might be going to cane me again but then I saw he'd let it drop to the floor. Then I heard him unfastening his trousers, he didn't bother stepping out of them they must have slid to his knees, then I felt the heat from his legs against my thighs and the bulge in his underpants pushing against my bottom as he undid his shirt buttons and threw it off.

Then he told me he'd have to spank me in jeans more often, he'd enjoyed it, he asked me if I had as he took my panties down and slipped his fingers between my legs. I didn't answer, I could have lied that I hadn't, just to tease him, but the wetness coating his fingers would have said otherwise. I felt him pull his pants aside to let his cock spring loose and gasped when it muscled in between my bum cheeks, it was very hard and I wanted it badly and let him know by trying to impale myself on it. P did the decent thing and pushed it hard into me, his hand went round my hip and down to where his fingers could work me as he pumped away from behind and I shouted out as a brutal orgasm overwhelmed me. P was a bit behind me, I was coming down as he started grunting but his spurting started me off again.

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God I'm sure I'll burst a blood vessel one day.

Now don't think I'm likely to get that sort of treatment next weigh-in, it was just an unusual combination of events. And anyway, who says I'll be off target next time, I do try hard:)



a hidden slave said...

WOW! That was hot!

PK said...

Correction - that was VERY hot! I think caning should ONLY be done over jeans and no one can find fault with P's follow through! I know I scales go crazy sometimes. But yet Nick's weight stays the same. It drives me crazy.

Okay now, this next week,we both lose!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

It is always a pleasure to read your spanking encounters.

Sara said...

Hmmm, to lose or not to lose...that is the question!

Hermione said...

Caning over jeans seems to be a very effective aphrodisiac. We'll have to try it.

No cane. Oh, dear, I must go visit Cane-iac's site right away!

That was lovely; thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with only caning over jeans, not sure i can get someone else to agree tho! And yes, scales are finicky! Great posts, this week we all lose!

Florida Dom said...

Thanks for sharing. And I feel your pain when you get on the scale and it is two pounds more than the day before. I'm trying to lose some weight but it isn't warm enough yet to sweat if off during tennis. Of course, I don't get spanked. I just buy a pair of pants with a bigger waistline. LOL


ronnie said...

HS - Thank you.

PK - P's the same as Nick, weight stays exactly the same. Yes, I'm with you, we both loose this week.

OBB - That's very nice of you to say, it's a pleasure to share. Thanks

Sara - Lose, definitely lose Sara

Hermione - My pleasure. Hurry over and order one Hermione and tell Gerry I sent you :)

Abby - Thank you. So join us and this week we all win by and loosing some weight :)

Thanks all.





With the annual spring diet looming I can empathize over those lying doctors and public scales. Nice telling of events by the way.


Daisychain said...

WOW! SOunds like the sort of weekend you enjoy greatly.... thanks for sharing! xxx

Red said...

HOT!!!! Just wondering if you are wearing clothes and shoes when you weigh yourself at home?
Fabulous fun for both of you

Anonymous said...

I am just a little (ok a lot) breathless after that. That is a really wonderful weigh in, even if it started off with a weight you did not want.
wow, wow, wow.

PS You lucky thing you.

Pink said...

Wow is right. That was hot, Ronnie. I'd be inclined to argue that all weigh-ins, regardless of success or failure end like that.

But then, I guess, what would be the point?



Raven Red said...

Agree with all the Wow's. And I am very fortunate to be on my way to have my morning shower for work...which I do believe now, will be rather colder than normal.

ronnie said...

Prefectdt - That's really lovely of you to sayt, thanks. As I said, I've always suspected doctors and shop scales were calibrated higher.

Daisy - It was, thank YOU.

Red - Shoes no but clothes yes :) Thanks.

Poppy - Mmmm it certainly did liven up the weigh-in but I know that was a one off.

Pink - LOL, would be nice if they were but then as you say, I'd never loose any.

Raven - I hope you enjoyed your cold shower :)

Thank you all so much for stopping by and leaving comment, really appreciate it.


john said...

well, it Doesn't matter what diet you're on, the hardest obstacle in dieting is control hunger pangs and cravings.
You might like to try out a product that does exactly that: fresh-frozen Hoodia (a well known appetite depressant) in the form of small and convenient ice cubes – hence its name, the ice cube diet.
It just helps you eat less and makes your dieting easier.
Good luck to you all and for those who do try it out, please do share your experiences with me – John -

ronnie said...

John, hello and welcome. Sorry for the late reply to your comment.

Your right about controlling your cravings, my down fall is I like to snack on something during the evening.

Thanks for the link, will take a look though I'm not a fan of diet pills.


Anne said...

Women's weights are more volatile then mens due to hormones and water weight fluctuations. I believe if you talk to your doctor you will find that fluctuations of 4 pounds in a monthly cycle are not uncommon. Perhaps you already take these fluctuations into account but if not -don't be so hard on yourself.

ronnie said...

Anne - Hi. I know there is a difference between women's and men's weight but I didn't know the monthly fluctuations were as much as 4lbs. I will have speak with P and ask him to take this into consideration.

Thanks for stopping by, appreciate it.

Have a good weekend.