Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Royal Canin

So I was passing our local High St pet supplies/ equestrian store (you remember the one I got all embarrassed when I went in to inspect jodhpurs and whips) and a new sign caught the corner of my eye. I had to stop and do a double take, was the 'g' missing from the end of the word? And 'Royal' canin too, I mean the royals love dogs and the aristocracy are known to have a penchant for the 'English vice', (and the Queen does carry a horsewhip in her handbag) so could it be they were actually advertising a local royal canin service?

Nah, the missing letter was an 'e', boring boring. Still, out came the old nokia and I'm sure a couple of old dears thought I was quite mad standing in the middle of the pavement snapping pet supplies, bless them.



PK said...

I love the way our spanko minds take the ordinary and sees it in our own unique way. It makes us special!!


Anonymous said...

That kind of stuff happens to me all the time. Just seems like I'm geared to make that connection.

Hermione said...

Oh, how funny! My dogs eat that food exclusively - It's made in Canada - and I completely missed the spanko possibility!

Hermione, hanging her head in shame

Underling said...

Oh, I only stopped by to correct your spelling ;).

Yeah, I see spanko words everywhere, and my brain is quite willing to pervert words even when they're completely innocent.

ronnie said...

PK - Always gives me a thrill:)

Mick - Me too:)

Hermione - LOL, Not like you to miss something that has spanko possibility. I had no idea it was made in Canada, small world.

Underling - LOL, you can see now why no g.

Thank you for your comments


lil said...

Lol. I bought Alpha's Christmas present at the tack and pet supply store. I think I took to long inspecting the leashes before walking out with a metal one and a riding crop. The lady behind the desk was all twitterpated.
Thank go they had no signs like that. I may not have made it in the door lol.

Raven Red said...

Good pet food though, I buy a 15kg bag every month. The joys of having erm 10 cats...and I am NEVER going to be able to look at it is the same way again..


Can't help but think that the cat on that sign is thinking "Time to run. Perhaps it might feel more comfortable advertising "'O' Nine Tails" food.


Tapestry said...

Too perfect!
W/we have a cat with a chronic condition which requires prescription food. The brand he seems to prefer is Royal Canin. Have been buying it for years, never fail to smile (at least on the inside) when I call to order another batch.
Glad other people find the same humor in it as I do.


ronnie said...

Lil - Hello and welcome. I've bought some lovely things from an Equestrian store but I wont go into this one since I embarrassed myself but I've heard there is a new one just opened fairly locally :)

Raven - LOL, 10 cats, really?

Prefectdt - Yes poor cat he's outnumbered by the dogs.

Tapesty - Never heard of the brand before. I'll be smiling now evertime I walk past.

Thanks all.