Monday, 7 February 2011

My Weekend

Good morning everyone, bright and early start to the new week for me, quite a few orders over the weekend plus it's Spring Fair at the NEC which means best part of a day out and P said we're going away for a couple of days next weekend. If I want to, that is, well of course I want to, P, book it, let me know later dates and times and if I need my passport, I'll be ready. God I could do with a nice dirty city break.

As you can sense I'm in fine fettle, the weekend was pleasant without being exciting; P's mother had a small knee op at the end of last week and it seems to have gone quite well so that was good news, her other son's coming up from Wales to visit tomorrow so that will be a nice day for her and she'll likely get lunch out which she always enjoys, Saturday morning I got unexpected but welcome sex, yesterday I was in Birmingham, Friday I got spanked. That's not chronological order or any particular order at all, just how it came out and I'm not changing it.

None of these events was momentous, the sex was the best part for me followed by the spanking although if I hadn't had the spanking I don't think I would have got the sex, or at least not the way I got it. You see the sex was one-sided and that doesn't normally happen, in fact I can't remember it happening before, and I kind of liked it even though it left me wanting. P 'had me' as it were as opposed to us sharing. He didn't bother that I was out of sync, a few minutes behind him, he just entered me quite forcefully and did it to me doggy style on the bed. And I have to say I was getting going nicely when he just erupted and shot his load into me and in a few violent strokes it was over. Then he went to the office.

Why did he do it? Well he more or less told me when he followed me into the bedroom from the shower... he'd come in to have a look at my bum and see if it was marked. He never does that, in fact on the rare occasion I manage to get the odd souvenir I have to flaunt myself in front of him to get him to notice but this time he wanted to look. This is where the spanking links in as if you hadn't guessed, not that he'd spanked me that morning but he most certainly had spanked me the previous day. By cane in fact and the reason had been that I'd hardly made any progress with my weight loss regime, quite pathetic actually, and I'd persuaded him that I really did need some encouragement. So he caned me, I suspected half heartedly at first but I was in no doubt by the end that he intended it to be meaningful and have the desired effect. I was convinced it would for at least half an hour after, I can assure you.

Picture taken from Raven Red

There was no sex appended to this caning but nor was there any bad feeling, well apart from the obvious. Later Friday evening the frisson was almost touchable but our son was in with a friend so nothing could be done about it. So I reckon P had built up overnight and decided to do something about it next morning, which he did. And that's where it was unusual behaviour for P because he gratified himself and left me needy. But the weird thing, although I hadn't got what I needed, I liked what happened.

Roll on my dirty city break.



PK said...

I know that sometimes being left wanting is interesting and really leaves you longing for your next chance
to be together.

Sounds like your weekend was fine. Enjoy your week.


Anonymous said...

It took me the longest time to realize that sometimes Lynda likes it/is flattered when I do this to her.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Most times humans are not as honest as was this post.

mouse said...


Like the Rolling Stones say, you can't always get what you want...

Sometimes tho they get what they need! LOL


Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

I hope you get away for a break, dirty or otherwise!


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Interesting that he left you needy and you liked it. Now I guess the question if whether this was a one time thing or whether he liked it enough to do it again.


ronnie said...

PK - Was very intersting PK. I'll look forward to my weekend away

Mick - I can understand why. I've told P how much I liked it.

OBB - Why be anthing else. Thank you.

Mouse - hello. I love that Rolling Stones song. Thanks.

Hermione - Looks like it could be on, keeping fingers crossed :)

FD - We'll have to see but it does fine by me :)

Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments.



Looking forward to hearing about your trip, when you get back and which dirty city you decided to visit in the end :)


Hedone said...

I liked what happened too!
Lucky you :)


Pink said...

I love how you related these events -- frank and honest. And what events they were, too! Sounds like a rewarding weekend, even if your reward was dangled slightly out of reach.

Hope you get that trip!



ronnie said...

Prefectdt - I'd love to visit any dirty city but not going this weekend, I'll post and let you all know why my dear husband decided we wouldn't be going.

Hedone - So did I :)

Pink - The trip will come but not this weekend. I always try to be honest and frank Pink except for the odd name/place change :)

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving comment and sorry for the delay in replying.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Michael said...

Lovely and special, Ronnie, you are so honest and open.

And congrats on this post being Chrossed. Very well deserved.

ronnie said...

Michael, your really kind, thank so you much.

Enjoy your Sunday.