Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Gluteus Maximus

P told me ages ago that strong glutes take spankings better. I'm sure it was tongue in cheek, it was when I was jogging quite a bit and he wanted to encourage me. I can't recall it working but I did pay careful attention when he took me through a series of glute exercises, I was quite pleased to have his attention.

Anyway I was browsing images the other day and came across this amusing cartoon (didn't keep link, let me know if it's yours) which suggests not only that spanking itself can help shape a girl's bottom but it's also good exercise for the arms of the spanker.

So a firmer, tighter and stronger partner to attend to it. Sounds like a mutually beneficial arrangement and I've sent the cartoon to P, he might like to replace some of his push-ups, I hope so :)

So what you waiting for, go and ask your top for a 'gluteus maximus' tone-up spanking.

Thank you to all who commented on Monday and sorry for giving you a scare. I'm not going anywhere.



PK said...

Love this cartoon! This idea sure beats the gym!


Michael said...

Wonderful way for both parties to workout, Ronnie, and as PK said, it sure beats the gym, especially if done outside like in the cartoon.

And VERY naughty of you yesterday giving us all a scare like that. Instead of a 'gluteus maximus' tone-up spanking you need a naughty girl spanking and I hope P gives it to you very soon, young lady.

Anonymous said...

And up! And down! Smack! Breathe. And up! and down....

I imagine it's good for the cardiovascular system, too!

Sara said...

I am not sure about the glutes, but I do know my husband's arm and hand are much stronger due to the regular, ehem, workouts. In fact, I think he should thank me for keeping him in such good shape!

Hermione said...

I think it's excellent aerobic activity. It sure makes my heart beat faster and I breathe more deeply and faster.



I wish that I had someone to give me a tone up spanking right now, it would make it worth while going jogging.


Erica said...

(sigh) Oh, if only it were true that spanking actually toned the gluteal muscles. I could spare myself all the lunges and squats and leg presses!

Florida Dom said...

Better for the arms than swinging a tennis racket!!!! LOL.


ronnie said...

PK - Gym, did you say gym, what's a gym?

Michael - LOL mutal benefit to both and extra healthy it you do it outside :) Sorry about the 'hanging up my jodhpurs post'

Mick - Never of thought of that.

Sara - On second thoughts I wish I hadn't sent the cartoon to P, his spanking arm/hand is strong enough already :)

Hermione - Your right and as Mick said good for the cardiovascular system as long as you remember to breath while your being spanked.

Prefectdt - I can assure you it's much better than jogging:)

Erica - How about the the kickback exercise while being spanked OTK - spank, kick the leg back, hold for 30 seconds - second spank change leg and hold for 30 second and so on could work but think the top would get a bit bored :)

FD - Yes, you could be right.

Thanks all.


Red said...

In thinking of yesterday's post, P should give you another spanking for scaring us. Physical fitness is always beneficial. Thanks for the amusing cartoon.