Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Win-Win Situation

I've been trying really hard with my weight, you remember I told you we were setting some targets, I know lots of people are doing the same thing in January and I hope it's all going well.

I've even picked up on exercising since last week, that's how seriously I'm taking it and Friday is my first weigh-in.

On the weekend I read in one of the magazines that exercising converts fat to muscle and muscle weighs heavier than fat. So, theoretically, I could be looking trimmer but still maintain the same weight. Or even be a tad heavier at the weigh-in, which means I might qualify for a spanking for not hitting my target but still in reality be improving my appearance.

Hmmm sounds to me like a possible win-win situation.

I haven't checked the scale yet but I might have a peek before Friday's weigh-in.

Wish me luck.



Daisychain said...

I don't believe in luck, Ronnie, but if you do, then I will happily wish you that! But, what exactly are you hoping for? Hahaha! To have improved your general shape but be heavy enough to get spanked, is my guess from this post!!! ;) xxxxxxx

a hidden slave said...

Good luck Ronnie, sounds like you are determined

Anonymous said...

see this is why I always go by measurements (I measure once a month when I exercise) because that to me is more accurate than a scale :) best of luck!

Anonymous said...

It really is possible to get heavier when you start exercising. But the exercise is a great thing. And if it give you extra benefits....

Michael said...

Ronnie, some people don't realize that paradox about muscle/fat when it comes to getting fit and losing weight. But you are so right about it being a win/win situation. I know this Friday your bum will be fitter but also rosened. :)

Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

I hope my post of today gives P an incentive to spank you. It's the best weight-loss method I know of.


Tapestry said...

Best wishes for your results on Friday. I do hope you are doing well with your health, feeling better, and looking better. And really, what could help with all that more than a spanking?? lol


ronnie said...

Daisy - I don't believe in it either,you make yur own luck. I want the best of both :)

A Hidden Slave - thanks and yes I am

Sephanipaige - My friend says the same, she goes by measurements not scales. Might have to have a word with P.

Mick - I don't seem to get heavier when I jog it's when I do other exercises. The extra benefits are very helpful :)

Michael - I'm not sure it will yet. I haven't sneaked a look and I don't think I will :)

Hermione - Loved your post, thanks for the link. I will definitely have to send it to P.

Tapesty - Hello, lovely to see you here. Secretly I think I'm on target but were going out to dinner with friends tomorrow and I love the deserts there. I know my friend will insist I have one so how can I refuse :(

Thanks all.



Adding muscle mass may have also the added benefit of increasing your chances of beating P at arm wrestling :)


ronnie said...

Pref, LOL I'll have to have a go.



Raven Red said...

Good luck Ronnie. Will be thinking of least you are exercising, I am still in full denial about that little part of the diet.



ronnie said...

Raven - So sorry I only just spotted your comment.

I was very good. I hit my target. I think I should get a good girl spanking :)