Friday, 11 February 2011

What do you think?

A picture of a bottom perhaps?

Leave a comment and I'll reveal all next week and also tell you why we didn't go away this weekend.

Have a good one.



Kaelah said...

Hmm, looks interesting! My guess is that the picture depicts a corner of a room with white walls and shadows from two lights...

Have a nice weekend (although sadly without the desired dirty city break)!


My two guesses.

I think that it is part of a lampshade, with the light shining through it.

You did not go on your trip because they cleaned up the dirty city, before you could get there.


Anonymous said...

Yep, I think the same, light from a lamp in a corner.
I have enough experience of corners to know what one looks like.

Hermione said...

I think it's a ceiling, or perhaps a canvas tent top.

And you can have a lovely time without going anywhere, if you are with the person you love. But my guess is, you didn't go away because you got a new kitten.


Raven Red said...

I also think it is a white wall with a light or lights creating shadows.

Hope you are enjoying your week-end, in spite of not being able to get away.

1manview said...

Zoomed ciose up of the top od a piece of heart shape candy....

ronnie said...

Kaelah, Pref, Poppy, Raven - Your were right, light from a lamp in the corner. Kaleha, hello and welcome.

Hermione - LOL a kitten, much prefer a dog.

1manview - Yes, it looks like it could be a picture of a heart shape box of chocolates.

Thanks all and yes I've had a lovely weekend.

Enjoy your Sunday.