Wednesday, 12 January 2011


P got my little hint the other day. He said last time I went on a diet and enlisted his help, he'd found it necessary to cane me to get me taking it seriously, he asked me if I remembered. I did, he did it more than once and it was only last summer so I would hardly have forgotten it so soon, anyway he sent me a little nokia photo to remind me.

It made me smile and shiver at the same time. He asked me if I really wanted his help. I blushed and looked down and mumbled that I did. Please. So were going to set some target and see how it goes.

One of these is the photo P sent me, yes it really is me, the other two are off the web. No I'm not saying which is me, there aren't many shots of me on the internet I can assure you. One's on Cane-Iac's website and a couple on this blog. This is probably it for another year.



Raven Red said...


Looking at the photos, all of them, I am not to sure WHAT weight you want to lose, I sincerely hope that I DO eventually have a bottom that small....sigh

But at the same time, it is comforting to know that I am not the only one on a mission to get my body back into shape.

I truly wish you all the best with your diet. Now I am only wishing for myself, that I can STOP thinking about chocolate cake slices, ice cream with hot chocolate sauce...I do NOT even LIKE chocolate...

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Some sure things, death, taxes, and how a woman sees herself. Nice bottoms all. It's the weight around the middle that shortens life, so if you have any of that, work on that.
It takes exercise with a sensible diet and it takes more time than many think. Perhaps, you should include some good girl cane strokes for meeting targets.

PK said...

I agree with Raven, I'd be thrilled to look like any of those pictures!! But I understand you don't want your weight to get away from you. Wish I'd had the sense to get help when I was just beginning to gain.

I wish you the very best!! Keep us informed.


Hermione said...

All three pictures are lovely. I hope the cane is a good incentive for your weight-loss program.


Daisychain said...

I would DIE for any ONE of those bottoms!!! (without the cane stripes...canes are a no-no)
Mine is bigger than a barn door, with more cellulite than a cellulite factory!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxx

Tammy said...

I agree with the rest. You are 50 something with a bod like go girl!!! woot woot!!!
And Daisychain you are a hoot!!!

ronnie said...

Raven OBB, PK, Hermione, Daisy, Tammy,

Thank you all so much for the kinds words and encouragment with the diet and yes PK I will keep you informed.

Please forgive me for not replying to you individually but I am quite pushed this morning and not near a computer until later in the day.

1manview said...

lm going to say the first one, after all, it has the marks of a good hit. Either way, they all are really nice butts...

Hedone said...

I think #1 is your bum.

Hurts so good, eh?


ronnie said...

1manview - They are all lovely, aren't they :)

Hedone - Yep certainly does.

Thanks both and yes your right it's the first one. Now don't you go and tell anyone :)

Have a good weekend.


redxxx said...

Wow! You look fabulous! Thanks for sharing such a great picture. Hope the cane helps the diet. i might need similar help.

ronnie said...

Why thank you kind Sir. I'm sure P's certain type of encouragement will be very helpful:)