Monday, 31 January 2011

In My Very Near Future

We went to a friend's house for dinner over the weekend, there were 8 of us, all couples. She's a super cook and did a Chinese. Starters, loads of different main dishes for us to try, followed by a hot dessert which was too sweet for me but I ate anyway because she'd gone to so much trouble (bang goes my diet).

Copious amounts of Tsingtao beer and wine flowed throughout. Great food and company. She served Chinese tea and bought out some fortune cookies. We cracked them open and each of us read out what we'd got and speculated on the likelihood of it coming true. All good fun, super evening all round.

'I can't believe what my fortune cookie said,' I mentioned to P when we got home. 'Really? What do you mean?' he asked.

'I was embarrassed to read it in company so I made one up,' I answered.

'Why, what for?'

'Because this is what it said,' and I showed him a little piece of paper I had in my purse.

His head shot up and looked at me, I couldn't help it, I burst out laughing. (Earlier in the week I had spotted this and as my friend told me she had bought some Chinese fortune cookies from Tesco which she would be serving) I couldn't resit it, I printed it and cut it out.

P laughed, 'There certainly will be a spanking in your very near future,' he said.

Before I forget. I mentioned it was my weigh-in Friday, remember? Do you think I achieved my target P set me or did I hopelessly fail and get caned?

Well all my hard work paid off I was bang on target.

I think I should get a 'good girl spanking' in my very near future:)



PK said...

Love the fortune cookie. As for being on your mark, you should definitely get a good girl for all your work! How else will you keep up your momentum?


Hermione said...

Well, if you read it in a fortune cookie, it must be true! I think you deserve a GG.

It sounds like a lovely evening.


abby said...

have to love those fortune cookies! Great job on the diet...a good girl should be soon.

Pink said...

You should get TWO GG spankings: one for reaching your weekly target, and another for being so damn cute with the fortune. :)

What a fun idea!



Raven Red said...

Congrats on reaching your target! Wondering why all of a sudden I have a craving for Chinese food?



Daisychain said...

LOL, Ronnie, you have some PRICELESS ideas!!! Anyone who goes to such trouble to get a spanking should definitely not be disappointed! xxxxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

PK - Thanks PK, diet not going so good this week what with being out at friends. I'll have to step it up a little or maybe not :)

Hermione - LOL that's what I thought. Evening was really lovely thanks.

Abby - Well if you all agree I should get a GG spanking will someone please tell P :)

Pink - Now I like that two GG spankings, I wish.

Raven - Thanks. I worked quite hard, upped the exercise and don't tell, went without food for 1 day (I know not a good idea) but since Friday it seems I've stalled :(

Daisy - You gotta have some fun, that's what keeps us young. Thanks.

Thank, appreciate you all stopping by.


Underling said...

Old Chinese proverb say, 'if Ronnie's weight not bang on target, then P's cane will be' ;).

I loved your fortune cookie prank. It reminded me for some reason of the guy who recorded the lottery draw from the TV, then the following week bought a ticket with the winning numbers and showed his wife the recording while pretending it was live (and consequently that they'd won a fortune). If that was a spanking household, I'd have said he wouldn't have sat for a while :).

By the way, I typed this on my cellphone. Did you know that with predictive texting the word 'prank' first comes out as 'spank'? Do you think they're trying to tell us one leads to the other?

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to taking my wife for Chinese soon!

Congrats on meeting your goal.


Crystal balls, card reading, tea leaves, etc, etc. What more excellent way to initiate a spanking than a little fortune telling :) You could try a false Zodiac reading next time.


ronnie said...

Underling - That proverb may come true this coming Friday :)

I can't believe he played a trick like that on his wife. I'd think he would have deserved not been able to sit down for a while, what an idiot.

No I didn't know prank comes out as spank, don't use predictive text. Will have to ry it though. Thanks.

Mick - I was pretty pleased reaching my target now I need to do something as Friday is fast approaching.

Prefectdt - Don't think I could fool P with that one.

Thanks gents, appreciate you stopping by and leaving comments.