Monday, 24 January 2011

A fine weekend

How was your weekend? I didn't do anything out of the ordinary but I did get spanked, not a humdinger and not because of anything in particular, just we'd had a long week and P had had a a few ups and down with some new business and ended the week on an up but with a hangover of paperwork which he had to sort out Saturday morning. He was Happy though and he told me he was going to give me a happy spanking when he got back from the office. God the man comes out with some things, anyway I laughed and said 'see you later' as he went out the door, inwardly chuffed that I was apparently going to get some attention.

As it happened our son didn't go into work, he had planned to but he'd changed his mind and worked from his room, sod it, so when P got back around 1pm and saw his car in the drive I thought the spanking would be off. Not at all, P was happy and the happy spanking was still to be, just a change of venue. P asked me to come with him to the DIY place, it was B&Q actually, because he had seen some tiles to match the ones in our shower cubicle and he wanted my opinion, but he didn't drive to B&Q, well not right away, instead he drove to our office which is kind of en route just a small detour, and told me to come in with him as he was going to spank me.

Well in we went and spank me he did, there was no-one else working so the loud slaps and my cries for more leniency went unheeded.

I was over P's lap jeans and pants down for a good ten minutes, with a couple of breathers, and by the end of it I was roasting.

When he let me up he said 'there you are, happy?' I smiled and told him I could be happier still but he told me no, we really did have to go to B&Q. And we did, and I was certainly happy but I would have just loved to have been fucked over his desk before we went tile hunting.

When we got back in the car my backside was stinging like hell, it had been ages since I'd had a good hand spanking, P drove all the way to B&Q with his hand on my thigh, Christ I was horny. I stayed horny all afternoon and in the evening we went to P's mother's, and even that didn't dampen my ardour although it might have made me a bit less tolerant of some of her chit chat than usual. We left late and when we got home no son's car in the drive.

P came upstairs with me, put his hand on my bum and said, 'You know that happy spanking I gave you earlier.....I made a mistake.' I asked him what it was, pushing my backside against his hand and feeling my knickers dampen. 'I should have taken the cane to you while your backside was nice and red, I've heard it's the best time to cane a girl's bottom....when it's been thoroughly heated and responds even to the lightest caress. That's the best time to cane her, sensitively but firmly.'

My legs nearly buckled and I had a vision of him caning me over the end of the bed to make up for it. He didn't though, he was just winding me up, instead he took my jeans down and I unzipped him at the same time, with the urgency and clumsiness of teenagers, and then he bent me over and had me from behind and we both came in no time at all in a very noisy very crude and very satisfactory conclusion to a happy day.

Yesterday morning he was awake early, he always walks down to pick up the Sunday papers, I was awake too and felt his hand brush the tops of my thighs, lightly, testing if I was awake. I made a warm mmmm sound which gave him his answer and made to shift across to his side of the bed. He stopped me, slipped his fingers inside my pants, leaned across and pecked me on the cheek and said 'I enjoyed last night, did you? Off for the papers now.' And his hand was gone and off he went, didn't even wait for my reply.

Infuriating. Well for the record yes I did, P, but you could have left your hand there a bit longer.



Our Bottoms Burn said...

"with the urgency and clumsiness of teenagers" Yes, those are fun and I think keep us young.

I enjoy your more licentious posts. Thanks for sharing.

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: WOW!!!! What a weekend. I'm sure some of your readers are going to be jealous. And thanks for sharing all the details with us. You are fortunate to have him tending to your needs.

I bet some of your U.S. readers are frustrated because the men in their lives wanted to spend Sunday watching football on TV. LOL.


SugarAnne said...

After I finished reading this, I stared off into space for a while with my mouth open. A fine weekend, indeed! That was... intense. Is it hot in here?


Daisychain said...

WOWWWWWWW! What a weekend! xxxxxxx

Hermione said...

Shame on him, for teasing you about the caning and then not delivering on it. Still, the rest was lovely!


PK said...

What a wonderful post. I'm so envious! P is one fine fellow. I hope you continue to enjoy each other this much.


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love this peek into your weekend, Ronnie! The impromptu spanking in the office pushes all sorts of buttons for me. :)



ronnie said...

OBB - We have our moments :) Thanks.

FD - A good end of week treat :) Luckily no big game on.

SugarAnne - It was certainly hot for me. Thank you.

Daisy - Quite a good one.

Hermione - It was lovely. If I'm honest I think I was glad the cane wasn't used.

PK - He is wonderful PK and I'm a very lucky lady.

Pink - Impromptu spankings are sometimes the best :)

Thanks all. Hope you have a good day.



Perhaps you will get a caning or something else, from a B&Q pervertable, next time.


Underling said...

Ronnie, wow! A bit steamier than your usual posts, and none the worse for that :)

An office spanking, too. That's wonderfully exciting stuff!

ronnie said...

Prefectdt - I first read your comment as "perhaps you will get a caning or something in B&Q" LOL.

Underling - Hello. There's something quite naughty about being spanked in the office :)

Thanks both.


Raven Red said...

Florida Dom did say something about jealous readers...well, here I am!
I also want a weekend like that. But I am happy to see that you had great fun and all that went with it!



Hermione said...

Ronnie, congratulations on being Chrossed for this post. Well done!


Michael said...

Lovely, lovely post, Ronnie, and yes, P should have left his hand there longer. Congrats on it being Chrossed.