Monday, 10 January 2011

Butt Fest

Things can brighten up a journey when you'd least expect it. We were visiting friends on Sunday who had just moved house. We turned off the A5 onto the country lanes following the Sat Nav girl's nasal instructions, as we turned onto the lane I was sure we passed a sign saying "Butt Fest", I didn't mention it to P in case I'd got it wrong. We followed the lane and came to a roundabout and then both of us spotted at the same time a poster pointing to a "Butt Fest".

P skirted the roundabout again to make sure we hadn't mis-read it, we were in good time so we followed the arrow, not much further on we found another poster attached to a sign, again "Butt Fest" with an arrow.

OK this was the third "Butt Fest" sign so presumably it was genuine, I was really curious, what on earth could it be, a kinky village festival of some sort? What if it was at a private house, would we be bold enough to knock on the door and ask where the butt fest was and what it was?

Further along we passed a large village sign and the butt fest direction was no longer there so we thought it must be imminent. We went into the village, it was lovely, thatched cottages, a little post office with smoke drifting from the chimney but no butt fest. We looked up and down the high street but we couldn't see any more signs so we had to give up because we were a bit of course by now and time was getting on and the Sat Nav voice keep saying.......recalulating...recalculating.

So we did give up and followed the Sat Nav's diversion arriving at our friend's house about twenty minutes later. We didn't tell them we'd tried to locate a butt fest en route to them but we did ask then if they knew the village, they said they knew where it was but that was about all.

We are no wiser about the butt fest but if anyone lives in the village with the butt fest signs or knows anything about butt fests by all means please email me, I'd love to know.



Daisychain said...

LOL, how odd! You find the strangest things, Ronnie, I'd love to know how you manage it! Shame you didn't find the Butt P's eyes would have been out on stalks! hahaha!xxxx

Anonymous said...

Pretty strange, and what a letdown to not find it. I can imagine stopping at a convenience store and asking for directions--"Pardon me, sir, but do you know where the uh,,,?"

PK said...

I love it! Maybe it was some kind of secret spanko party that required a special invitation to actually find the exact location. How fun that you went looking together though.

BTW I have a feeling our friend Florida Dom is going to love that first picture!


Florida Dom said...

Yes, PK had that right. I certainly loved that first picture. She knows me all too well. LOL. Anyway, I just thought I may google Butt Fest and see what, if anything comes up. LOL.


ronnie said...

Daisy - Odd, that's what I thought when we couldnt find any further signs for it.

Mick - P said maybe we should ask for directions, he was joking of course. I wouldn't have the nerve to pop into a shop and ask.

PK - How funny if it was directions to a spanko party. You were right, FD loved the picture.

FD - LOL, she certainly does. Good luck with the Googling, I tried it and couldn't find anything.

Thanks all. If anyone does email me with info on Butt Fests I'll be sure to let you know.


Raven Red said...

I KNEW that I am doing the right thing to want to come to the, will need some directions though..

Anonymous said...

That's too bad the sign didn't lead you to a spanking festival in that little village! I would have done a double take at the signs too :)

Valley Girl

ronnie said...

Raven - We could investigate together then :)

Valley Girl - It certainly brightens up a journey spotting a sign like that.

Thank you both for stopping by.


Hermione said...

How annoying that you were too late for the festivities! I imagine all the butts were put away by the time you arrived, and only the signs remained.

Did you try Googling it?

Sorry I'm late. Tried to comment yesterday and my system crashed.


ronnie said...

Your never too late Hermione. I hope it's wasn't my blog that made your system crash.

Yes tried Googling it but can't find anything really.

Thanks for stopping by.



Passed through a small village, in the south west of the UK, once that was called Sandy Balls.


ronnie said...

There are certainly some funny signs in the UK Prefectdt. Sandy Balls LOL not heard of them one.

Thanks Prefectdt.


redxxx said...

Too bad you didn't find the event. Could have been a fun time for all.

ronnie said...

Red - Maybe next time :)