Friday, 24 December 2010

Santa's on His Way

Are you all ready for the big day tomorrow? I know it's a busy time of year for reading and writing posts so I'm keeping it short today.

I'm in the office at the moment as I had a couple of last minute handbag orders last night, needed for New Year's Eve so with the holiday and weather I thought I should get them off. P's in as well and then were officially closed until the 29th so I probably won't be around for a few days after today unless I can grab a quiet moment.

I want to thank everyone who has ever stopped by here and may I wish you all a Very Merry fun filled Christmas and hope 2011 is a healthy, happy, prosperous and spankfull one.

Got to go P's calling me, no, not for a spanking :( we have to go and collect the turkey.



Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you, too, Ronnie

Anonymous said...

The happiest of holidays to you and your family.

Hermione said...

Merry Christmas, Ronnie, and I hope you get what you want this year!


ronnie said...

Mick - Thanks.

Burl - And to you and yours Burl.

Hermione - Doubtful but I can hope.

Merry Christmas.


Ally said...

Merry Christmas!

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May it include many good spankings. Any chance of one after you collect the turkey? LOL.


Daisychain said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS, Ronnie! Give P an extra big hug and kiss and just enjoy being able to be together. You have both worked hard, enjoy a good break now! I am so pleased for you, and pray you and all my friends have a fantastic time over Christmas. xxxxx

Sara said...

Merry Christmas to you and P and yours, Ronnie!

redxxx said...

Hope the spankings come fast and often this Christmas season (or at least one)