Friday, 17 December 2010

I got a dusting

I was reading comments the other day on our friend Season and Michael's blog about John, of Leatherthorn Paddles, and his superb customer service. I've never had direct dealings with John, although I have certainly had dealings with one of his products, but P had dealings with him at the time the product was acquired and agreed when I mentioned it that John was really helpful. Then he asked me if I knew where the product was, by the way, because he hadn't seen or more to the point used it in quite a while, he wondered if it would be gathering dust. He said that would be a pity and maybe he should dig it out for a 'dusting'.

I helpfully told him I keep dust bags in stock for storing handbags/ purses, they're a good size too with a neat drawstring top, maybe I could sell him one to keep the paddle in. Well it is leather. Good supple leather too! P laughed, I think he liked the idea of his wife trying to sell him a storage bag, he didn't pay me for one though, just said he'd rather let it get dusty and then spank me with it. I got a little shiver at the thought then the phone went and the subject was forgotten.

Or so I thought. Later at home and after dinner, P said he'd like me to come upstairs after I'd cleared away, he wanted my opinion on some gifts he'd bought for Christmas before he started wrapping them. I was absolutely un-prepared when I went into the bedroom and P was sat on the bed with John's Rose Paddle (the large size) in his hand. I still had my 'best mom in the world' apron on, P told me he'd found the paddle easy enough it was right under the bed, and there was dust on it and if there was dust on the paddle there must be dust under the bed and on any other items tucked under there. And dust was my department. And yeah you guessed it, I was messing up.

OK this was play and I knew it was, but I objected and started to make excuses, I mean a woman's pride and all that, but I still got pulled across his knee, jeans and pants taken down and paddled until I was kicking giggling wiggling and shouting in equal measure and on it went until P regarded the paddle to have been been adequately 'dusted'. My backside was toasty and P said a nice shade of crimson, then he told me to go and finish off in the kitchen, leave my jeans and pants in the bedroom, come back when I'd finished. He said I looked cute with a red backside and my apron on and he had a little something for me. God, dusting had never been such fun.

Fifteen minutes later I was getting his little something and it wasn't that little, in fact it felt really rather large as it pounded into me from the rear. P told me as we lay on the bed later that he hoped I'd learned my lesson. I certainly had. I was going to give him a couple of dust bags to keep his implements in, free of charge, but I'd changed my mind now. It was better to let them gather some dust.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



Anonymous said...

You lucky girl :-D

That paddle is so very beautiful *sigh*...


Hermione said...

That paddle looks so yummy! I wonder if it's too late to drop Ron a hint for a Christmas gift.


Sara said...

I do love John's work. Sounds like P is puttng it to good use too!

PK said...

What a fun evening! We'er/Nick is looking for a supple strap - a little heavier than a belt and not as firm as a leather paddle. Maybe we'll go looking at John's goods soon.


Paul said...

Hi Hermione

Would like to have seen you with your apron on and no pants...doing chores in the kitchen.
Hope your bottom was very sore..and you are awaiting next time..


That is a far more fun way of distributing dust bags, rather than just selling them.


daisy christian said...

that paddle is rather cute!!! i think we need one of those..i would let it collect dust too :)

ronnie said...

Maria - John's is a craftsman and his paddles are lovely.

Hermione - I think you are a tad late but there's always your birthday. You really should hint at Ron to get one it's lovely until it's used :)

Sara - Certainly is. Good to see you Sara.

PK - John's does sinlge straps I think and you can have any name put on.

Paul - I'm glad you didn't :)

Prefectdt - LOL thanks.

Daisy Christian - The paddles are a delight.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Season said...

Hi Ronnie! All of that and he made you do bare bottomed kitchen duty, too! Eeeep!

Love the look of that paddle and I just noticed it even has blossoms and thorns on it. :-)

Yay for dust!

Michael said...

Yes, YAY for dust and dust busting. You did paint a very sexy picture, Ronnie, of you in an apron with red bum. I see that picture in Season's near future. Thanks for the inspiration. John is a craftsman and I also see one of his paddles in Season's future too. After all, it is the SEASON of giving.

You have a good weekend too, dear Ronnie.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm...there's nothing sexier than a pink bottom peeping out of an apron! I bet he could hardly wait for you to return to collect your other, sizable gift! :)

Lovely story and a wonderful start to your weekend.



Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Thanks for sharing. P really sounds like he is having a good time keeping your bottom red. And the apron idea was perfect. Wouldn't be surprised if some of your readers decide to copy that idea.


Raven Red said...

Loved the PICTURE of the paddle...okay, sigh....loved the paddle. I also want one...already got the apron.



Jay Walker said...

Hey Ronnie...and P.
Who in their right mind dust's under the bed...thats proper mental! Hoover yes...dust with a way! Any anything that finds its way under the bed is meant to be there and be lost for years.
Sounds like you two had a good time. Glad the season is a time of giving eh?
Huggss Jay xxx

ronnie said...

Season - The paddle is obviously made for you and Michael.

Michael - My pleasure. Season is in for some wonderful memories. You definitelty must treat her to one of John's paddle and have her name embossed on it.

Pink - Thank you Pink.

FD - My pleasure. Im surprised he didn't take a picture.

Raven - I think every bottom and top should have one of John's paddles so you'll have to get one to go with the apron :)

Jay - Lovely to see you. Yep tis the season to be jolly and giving and having a red bottom :)

Thanks all, enjoy your Sunday.


redxxx said...

Somehow, this means that you are never ever going to vacuum under the bed again... if not doing so has such wonderful results.

ronnie said...

LoL it's a job I hate doing anyway.

Thanks for stopping by Red.


His mountain girl said...

oh Ronnie...yay for you!....i have that paddle except John made mine in pure black leather.....yummy...i call it midnight rose. Master keeps my bottom a pretty shade of pink with it and a few more we purchased from John...absolutely beautiful work.