Monday, 27 December 2010

Gratefully Received

How's the holiday's going? Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

We still have family in and out until tomorrow, two of them are kids who we don't see all that often and they were shy and quiet as mice Friday evening but they've made up for it since, they're into everywhere and everything, I daren't leave my laptop lying around let alone sit and use it without someone peeping over my shoulder. So I've been reduced to posting from my Nokia which I can shield from prying eyes. Still, Christmas is for kids right? Big or small.

I had some wonderful presents and even had a Christmas spanking before the team started arriving, our son was collecting some of them and P had a few moments, in between basting turkey twirling parma around asparagus and a hundred other things he had running in the kitchen, to spank me. Not the one I wished for and it didn't last long but was still gratefully received. P used the shoe horn I bought him for Christmas as a joke.

It was son who spotted it when we were out shopping together in Ikea. Suggested I buy it for his dad (there's a standing joke in our house about P taking ages to get his shoes on) so with my son's blessing I bought a spanking implement LOL.

Catch up with you all soon.



a hidden slave said...

I loved the made me laugh out loud . Glad you are having a good Christmas.

Hermione said...

I know from personal experience how effective shoehorns can be!

Congrats on being Chrossed! Now P will HAVE to read that post and follow through.


Anonymous said...

Is that thing made out of metal? It looks pretty harsh.

Season said...

Shoe horns!? Michael keeps his shoe horn -- the small regular sized one actually used for putting his shoes on -- in the implement drawer. I forget that and so every time I see him open that drawer my little inner eeep button gets pushed. Then I see it is just the shoe horn and I start breathing again. But if he ever gets one of these kind of shoe horns I'll never know what's about to happen next! eeep!

Sara said...

Perfect gift! I'm glad your your Christmas was lovely!

PK said...

Merry Christmas! I am with you on not being able to feel comfortable on my laptop when there are so many people around. But the people are worth it aren't they!

Love that you got spanked, even if it was a rushed one. It sure shows that he is in tune with you!

Talk soon!


Annie's Woodshed said...

Shoehorn I will remember that and discourage the addition of one to the house hold. Shoehorn...all I can think is ouch!

ronnie said...

HS - I'm not sure if I will :) glad you stopped by.

Hermione - Is it as ouchie as I think it will be? Can't wait to really try it out. Yikes what am I saying. I was amazed I was Chrossed for that post but very happy.

Mick - Believe it or not it's made of plastic. I'll be sure to let everyone know what it really feels like.

Season - Quick hide that shoe horn in case he sees this post and thinks he needs to upsize:)

Sara - Might not be so perfect when I feel it on my bottom. Hope you and your family are well.

PK - It was good to play with the kids toys :) The spanking was gratefully received.

Annie - I hope it's only ouch.

Thanks all and I really will pop over and say hello once family have all left.


Daisychain said...

I bought that exact same ikea shoehorn for Davey (as a shoehorn, dammit, thought he would find it useful!!!)However, he found an alternative use for it, and I can promise you it stings like the very devil...
Its plastic, very long, made to look like a snake, right?
Good luck with that!!! xxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

Yikes Daisy, yes that's the one, made to look like a snake. I'm hiding it then and hope he forgets I bought it but knowing P I don't think I'll get away with that.

It's good of you to let me know what it will feel like :)


hestia said...

grinnnnnnnnnnnn, buying with your sons guess that was fun when the both of you were alone...

have a great time...

love, h

Hedone said...

That shoe horn could leave some wicked marks!

Glad your Christmas was good.

Mine was enjoyable. I've been getting lots and lots of spankings this holiday. So I am a VERY happy girl. There are plans to spank me during the whole movie "Serendipity". It's my Spanker's idea. He loves the movie and adores my bum, so he thought why not put the two together. :-)

Happy New Year!

ronnie said...

Hestia - Haven't had a real taste of it yet but I'm sure I will very soon.

Hedone - You lucky girl. Family all gone now so I'm hoping for a few spankings myself :)

Thank you both for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Funny that you had your son's blessing...little does he know (thankfully)!

Enjoy your spankings that I'm sure are on the menu!



ronnie said...

Thnak goodness he doesn't know Pink.

Sorry on just posted your comment.


redxxx said...

Fun to read. Short spankings are infinitely better than no spankings.... and now the shoe horn can be left out in plain site, and give you a thrill, without anyone else knowing.

ronnie said...

Red - Thanks. It's hooked on the radiator in the hall ready and waiting.


ronnie said...


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