Monday, 15 November 2010

Short and Sweet

So there I was Saturday evening bent over the dining table getting spanked.

What for I hear you ask.

As P put it. To make sure I behaved myself while his mother was around for dinner.

Now would I misbehave........ No I was the perfect DIL.

Out with son this morning. He needs a tux for a works dinner. Catch up with you all later.



PK said...

LOL! As soon as I read that you were spanked your MIL popped into my mind. So glad you behave. Although there might have been a better story if you hadn't. Have fun with your son.


B'Man said...

Ah...a pre-emptive strike! They can be very effective.

Em said...

Of course you behaved, why wouldn't you?

P.S. Great picture, I love it when they grab your hair.

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: How nice that you got a warning spanking. I am sure you were then on your best behavior. Lol.


Anonymous said...

I think admonitory spankings or even a single admonitory spank is very effective for naughty wives! Is that why you were in a rush on Saturday evening?



Didn't your Mother in law ask how the Gateaux got so smushed?

Prefectdt said...

P's a smart man! One should always have a freshly pinkened bottom around one's mother-in-law for good preventative measure!



Hermione said...

There's a silver lining in every dark cloud. What a good thing we have M-I-Ls.

I hope you were spanked before you set the table.


Michael said...

Nice story, Ronnie, thanks, and how deeply did you blush when your mother-in-law asked why there were smudges on the dining room table. ;)

Hope the tux hunt went well.

Phone Sex said...

Its good lol you were spanked bent over a dining table. Its so naughty you know.

ronnie said...

PK - I was the perfect DIL for most of the evening :)

B'Man - Yes very effective :) Thanks.

EM - Hello. You don't know my MIL :) Thanks.

FD - A friendly warning FD:)

Aristotle - Just what P thinks. Sunday I was rushed with friends coming over

Prefectdt - LOL, no Gateaux Saturday.

Pink - A freshly spanked bottom works wonders :)

Hermione - LOL Hermione, yes before I layed for dinner.

Michael - More blushes every time I had to sit back down again.
Didn't realise how expensive a tux was. He going to see what the cost would be to hire now but as he has to attend 2, one close to work and the other in London it may work out cheaper to buy.

PS - Hello. To be spanked or to be spanked over the dining table.

Thanks all, always appreciate you stopping by.


redxxx said...

Ronnie: I would think it was a reward in advance for your being such a charming host for the upcoming dinner.

Anonymous said...

Where do you find all these great pics?