Friday, 29 October 2010

Vintage Spanking Postcards

Here today gone tomorrow - Sorry to anyone who was looking for the Bill Ward pictures posted on Wednesday, I took them off yesterday because Google frightened me into thinking they might contain corrupt files. Google must have got it wrong as we can't find anything but better to be safe than sorry.

Found these delightful vintage postcards to share with you.


Not sure of year of this one. Maybe one of my readers could help out with the translations for these two postcards.

Our friend Elysia has provided us with a rough translation -
"Give the whip at the right time to inspire confidence and seek love".
Thanks Elysia.


1920 - Looks like this one could be American

1906 - "An Unexpected Meeting with the Board"

Have a good weekend



PK said...

Glad it was just a scare. These postcards were great finds.


ronnie said...

So am I:) Thanks PK.

Enjoy the weekend.

xx said...

Oh, I love them! I wonder if people really sent cards like this through the post. You'd have one intrigued postman!

Have a great weekend,


Janet said...

Love them, what a great find! I am always on the look out for fun spanking cards but never seem to find any. Maybe I should go into the card making business....HMM!

Florida Dom said...

Thanks for the postcards and I'm glad I stopped by see the Bill Ward stuff before you pulled it. I hope there wasn't a problem.


Hermione said...

Ronnie, better safe than sorry. I like these postcards very much. I wonder what the mail carrier would think if you sent one to me?


redxxx said...

great photos and cards. Thanks for sharing. Have a spanking good weekend.

Daisychain said...

I don't speak a word of german; but although my daughter is fluent I don't think I should ask her!!!!
However, according to google translator, the second one, literally translated, means "In due time gave blows, brought Vertrowen fear and love"
I didn't bother to translate the first; somehow I feel both are nicer when your imagination translates it!!! xxxxxx

Underling said...

Languages aren't my strong point, I'm afraid. And those online translators always seem to produce such laughable results! But in any case, the pictures speak for themselves.

Thanks for posting them!

ronnie said...

Pink - I do think they probably were sent.

Janet - I'm always on the look out as well but haven't come up with any yet. I did have a card made for P's birthday. There is a lady on ebay that's makes card and she is VERY open minded.

FD - Your welcome. Seems Google thought there may have been a corrupt file contained in one of the photos but couldn't find anything when we did a virus scan but I thought better to be safe than sorry and tood them down. Glad you saw them before I did.

Hermione - I am sure they were sent through the post. What fun to read them. My dad used to know a postman and he told him he used to read the fun holiday postcards people sent.

Red - My pleasure. Have a good weekend.

Daisy - LOL, no, not a good idea to ask daughter. Thanks Daisy.

Underling - Your very welcome, glad you enjoyed them.

Hope you all have a good weekend. Thanks for stopping by.