Monday, 4 October 2010

Try before you buy

Can somebody tell me where the weekends go please, I blinked and it was Monday and I haven't half done all I wanted to.

No spankings for me, son had friends stop over Saturday, then in the evening P's mom came round so I haven't really had all that much opportunity. I did see a possible opening on Saturday morning when I turned some of P's white underpants pink, some of my knickers too, by throwing them into my new washing machine with a Timberland hoodie top which has never leaked colour in its life so first time ever, I put it down to the machine. P noticed the pants in his drawer on Sunday afternoon, I said ''Oops, had a slight accident, careless me'' but he wasn't too bothered, just said not to worry, perfectly wearable! Well my knickers weren't, at least not for later this week when I shall be in warmer climes, I need white knickers to wear under some white Max Mara linen trousers I bought early summer in a Selfridges sale and haven't worn yet.

I need some of the plain simple ones so I shall have to visit M&S they're usually good for knickers, failing that I suppose I could always go knickerless, that could well get me into trouble. In fact I'll get the M&S knickers and take them with me but then decide at the time, depending on P's mood, whether to wear them or not.

P has to go into town on Tuesday because he needs some Euros, I told him he could do me a favour pop into M&S for me and pick up a pack of ladies white pants, the 'no pantyline' type, I'm afraid his reply, though friendly, is not printable. I thought this little sketch was amusing, it might change his mind if he thought a young assistant might model the knickers for his approval:)

"No need to be shy Mr P, tell me what level of punishment your wife needs and I'll be pleased to help you choose appropriately.....and then I'll instruct Miss Smith to try them on for you and you may spank get a feel for them".

Hope you have a good week.



Anonymous said...

There should be a testee in the store, I agree. What a good idea.
Would really increase sales.

Or would increase testing, at least.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: What a lovely idea to have a testee in the store. You have such a good sense of humor. And we will be waiting to hear if you decide to go knickerless.


PK said...

I think seeing this just might get P to change his mind, just on the hope it might be true!

I'm sure you'll make the right decision on the knickers. Now I just hope and pray you are feeling tip top for the trip!


ronnie said...

Pat - Hello. Would be a fun store.

FD - I'd love to open a store for TTWD where people could "Try before they" buy" Thanks.

PK - I'll see what mood P's in then decide on the knickers :) I think you've passed your germs onto me :(


xx said...

That would certainly be an enticing way to get a man to purchase our necessities.

Now how can we get men to buy tampons? :P Oh, that sounds as if I am being gross...totally not my intention!

Daisychain said...

Haha, no such dilemmas for me; I am such a messy twonk, it would NEVER occur to me to wear white trousers!!! They would be covered in mud, grime, gravy, icecream, chocolate...within an hour!!!
Have a great trip, lets hope time for fun too.... xxxxx


I wonder why P was so shy about the idea of buying you a pack. when he was in town?

Actually, when I am in the UK for Christmas I always go to the M&S, in the town near where my mum lives, for a coffee. The cafeteria tables are very near to the woman's lingerie section of the shop. There is very little in the world funnier than listening to two or more guys discussing which underwear would best suit their significant others, for an Xmas treat.


Hermione said...

I really miss M&S. They closed their Canadian stores a few years ago. I think Jockey brand is the best fit for me, but I have never seen a helpful gentleman with a paddle standing near the change rooms.

I think going pantyless would get you into trouble, but you could try a flesh-coloured thong.


mouse said...

I've done that before...but I got spanked for it. LOL


ronnie said...

Barley.Pink - LOL, not not gross, I know what you mean.

Daisychain - I'm sure we'll find some time for fun :)

Prefectdt - He's not really shy about actually buying me undewear he's done it several times from lingerie shops and he's quite happy to come with me to choose but he would hate going around the M&S lingerie department on his own sorting for stuff I'd asked him for, I think he'd feel a bit pervy:)

Hermione - Jokey brand is good. Don't like thongs so I think going without knickers best :) Why did M&S close?

Mouse - I'll definitely have to try it then :)



redxxx said...

really think you should have bought one black thong for those white pants, just to make great pictures to share with us.