Friday, 17 September 2010

Working Girls - Tart Cards II

Lets take another peep inside the book about the London Working Girls "Tart Cards"

Sex sells! But ironically sex is the one word that the tart cards never used. Euphemism, double entendres, catch phrases, rhymes and a specialised vocabulary are all drawn on to retail that most basic human instinct

Some of the girls had to improvise and hand write their cards. These were often small, cheap and cheerful, straight to the point and very attractive to some men.

Later many of the girls increased the size of their cards added pictures and colour. They had to make them captivating and memorable in order to catch a clients attention which was particularly important when other girls were offering the same product.

Cruel Dominatrix Ladies
(Click picture to enlarge)

Second only to corporal punishment. A true dominatrix dressed in the latest latex with 4" stiletto boots and wielding a whip is not a prostitute and woe betide any of the clients who thinks otherwise.

More soon.

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Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Thanks for sharing that Tart cards. Another reminder that it is sthe world's oldest profession but keeps adapting to the times.


Hermione said...

"Open late" - I love it! Those are such interesting and creative cards. Too bad they are gone now.


Hermione said...

PS - Chross liked them too. Congratulations!

redxxx said...

Fun cards, specially the last one.. They have been replaced by Craig's list, or ads in your local adult section of the daily newspaper. I prefer the cards.

ronnie said...

FD - Your more than welcome, glad you enjoyed them.

Hermione - Thank you. Look out for the Christmas ones :)

Red - It's just not the same seeing them in the daily papers. The book is quite good.

Thanks for stopping and hope you all have a lovely weekend.



I wonder if you still see these cards around London?


ronnie said...

Not sure Prefectdt. Haven't been to London and you don't see the red telephone boxes any more but next visit to I'll take a look around.

Thanks for stopping by.