Monday, 6 September 2010


How was your weekend? Hope our friends across the water and in Canada are enjoying Labour Day.

Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes. I had a wonderful weekend.

Friends popped in early evening on Friday with flowers and cards for my birthday, P very kindly gave me a good girl spanking before he took me out to dinner (yay! I didn't have to ask for it either, now I know what some of you think of good girl spankings but that's fine, it was my birthday after all), I was all ready and dressed to go when he took me by surprise leaving me all ruffled and flustered and I wanted to go back into the the bathroom to straighten up but he just said 'get into the car you look great freshly spanked, we're off', so I did.

We had a drink before dinner, Brandy Alexander for me one of my favourites cocktails, then we met up with our son and a new female friend who's just started at his firm, they took us for another drink (P had coke because he was driving and wanted a glass of wine with his meal) at a bar full of suits who had just finished work for the weekend, very vibrant and lively and it was really nice to be in that atmosphere even though I could have played mom to most of them. We left them after half an hour and headed for the restaurant and our table for two.

Dinner was fabulous, P choose Italian as he knows it's my favourite, it wasn't our local town it was big city stuff, really nice though good service and food in spite of being so busy. First time we'd tried in on the back of some recommendations, we'll definitely go again but maybe in a foursome and draw straws for the driving.

Saturday morning son went into work for a few hours, P didn't for a change, said he wanted to trim the hedges, I nudged and winked that it would be a perfect opportunity to spank someone, I mean if it was appropriate, never look a gift horse in the mouth and all that. P said I was greedy and should get a grip, I just pouted and he went off to get his trimmer from the garage, then two minutes later he was back inside, grabbed me by the arm, pulled my jeans down and put me across the kitchen table and spanked me anyway, he said it was for being greedy but I knew it wasn't really, it was because we were both feeling horny as hell after a really nice evening so I got spanked and then well, I'll spare you the details this time :) but our kitchen table was used for purposes it was never intended for. Afterwards he got me to help him with the hedges, it was lovely weather and I enjoyed it. P got stung by a wasp and made a fuss about it, I told him he should try being on the receiving end of a spanking some time.

Sunday morning the weather stayed dry so we took P's mom to a car boot sale, P hates them, his mom loves them, I don't mind them. I bought an old wine rack which will look really nice painted, I almost bought a pair of worn size 10 plimsolls too but P's mom would have thought I'd gone mad and I just couldn't think of any plausible reason for wanting them, except for the real reason of course and there was no way that was coming out.

Off to local fashion show soon. I think it's the last one of the year so catch up with you all later.



Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Thanks for sharing. Sounded like you and P had such a great time. But, you are such a tease not sharing the "well, then'' part on the kitchen table. Reminds me of a movie scene. You must have been purring like a cat when it was over. LOL.


Sara said...

So glad the day was wonderful!

Hermione said...

Ronnie - that sounds like so much fun! I love Italian too,and our favourite restaurant is authentic cuisine, very close by and serves huge portions so there's always some to take home.

Yes, you WERE greedy and deserved that lovely kitchen spanking.

Rachel said...

Ronnie: you have a lovely way of celebrating glowingly the most important event of your life. The kitchen is always a great place to be launched into orbit: you have all your tools to prepare with, then flip over and the rocket is ready to go. Hope you enjoyed the ride.
Rachel & aj

mouse said...

Happy belated birthday Ronnie!

Sounds to me like a great day and wonderful weekend.


ronnie said...

FD - It was quite a lovely weekend. Me a tease FD, never :)

Sara - The whole weekend was good. Thanks.

Hermione - I do love my pasta. Hehe greedy, greedy for a spanking, definitely.

Rachel & aj - We have our moments:)

Mouse - Thank you and yes the weekend was wonderful.

Thanks all.


PK said...

I'm glad you had such a good birthday weekend! Our weather here was perfect too. Glad to be home and I'll email soon.


ronnie said...

Very good weekend PK, thanks. Look forward to hearing about yours.


hestia said...

Ronnie... you had a great birthday, and ofcourse you deserved that.... congratulations and many happy healthy years to come....

I love Italian food to... and good girl spankings are mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

love, h

redxxx said...

Happy for you that you took advantage of the free house, for a randy time of spanking and sex...Pleasant reminders when you are eating.

ronnie said...

Hestia - What better way to enjoy an evening, a spanking followed by your favourite Italian meal. Thanks my friend.

Red - Thanks. P often likes to make sure I have a reminder when we go out to eat :)

Thanks both.