Friday, 24 September 2010

Royal Snippet

Yesterday I was at the hairdresser's doing the normal hairdresser small talk and trying to catch everyone else's when I heard one of the girls telling a lady that our queen, yep HM Queen Elizabeth, carries a horsewhip in her handbag

Now that was a new one for me, apart from the practicalities of fitting a horsewhip into a handbag why would she? Maybe it's for Prince Philip to use.

Is she one of us? I didn't want to butt into their conversation but I googled it when I got back to the office and sure enough she does. She also carries an S shaped meat hook. God it starts to sound bad doesn't it.

Well not at all, several papers explain the unusual articles contained in HM's handbag, I've linked one here for the curious.

Be assured that she isn't in the habit of hooking Prince Philip up and whipping him, well not with the contents of her handbag at least, instead there are perfectly normal explanations. Pity really.

Glad it's Friday, quite a busy week, P was out of office Monday and Tuesday so I was covering his work, we had a few family issues which are sorted now. No spankings for me but I'm plotting one for the weekend if nothing comes along in the natural course of events :)

Hope you have a good one.



sixofthebest said...

The royal family in England often go riding on horses. Maybe if Prince Charles, had used one on Princess Diana, they might still have been married. I hope he uses one on his present wife's bare bottom Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

redxxx said...

Imagine the mark the hook must make on the table... fun article to read.. thanks for sharing... Instead of saying " get stuffed", i will graciously say "get spanked"

Anonymous said...

I think if anything it would be for the queen to use on her son or grandsons herself. Sorry but I see her more as the dominant type and wouldn't agree to anyone punishing her.

And to Sixofthebest: I don't think anything could save Prince Charle's marriage to Diana. Some women will not stand for a man spanking her and it will only make the marriage worse and hurt their relationship if he spanks her. So please don't think spanking will always change a women or make a marriage better. Because sometimes it will harm a women and make her worse. My wife one of them. I agree with DD when the woman brings it to the man and wants and needs it. But under NO circumstances no matter what my wife does I will never cause her physical pain.
I love her waay too much. But some men don't have that problem hurting their wife like I do.

Hermione said...

My first thought was, "What a large handbag." By horsewhip, did they mean lunging whip? Riding crop? But I see from the article that it's a miniature one.

Chocolate drops for the corgis? Naughty her majesty! Chocolate is not good for dogs.

Thanks for sharing. Somehow, I feel quite sure Phillip would never permit her to whip him.


ronnie said...

Sotb - Your right the Royals love riding and especially the Queen. She is also very keen on horse racing as was her mother.

Red - Your welcome. I hope I do get spanked :)

Anonymous - Welcome. I would agree I don't think the Queen would allow Philip or anyone else for that matter to spank her. Thanks for stopping by.

Hermione - Your welcome. I did think of you when I posted it:)
I thought it charming that she carries the make up case PP made for her almost 60 years ago.

Thanks and hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Elysia said...

So funny Ronnie! The photos made them look perfectly "stodgy" for lack of an American word that means the same), which added to the humor! The link had a photo of HM looking through her handbag (equally funny). She looks as if she's found a mint that's been out of it's wrapper for a while. Thanks for the laugh!

Florida Dom said...

Weren't the Duke and Duchess of Windsor supposed to be kinky?

And does the Prince seem like a meek guy so do you suppose the Queen is his femdom??? Just a thought.

And good luck on the spanking.


Hermione said...

I've done quite a bit of reading about the Windsors, and I never found any kinkiness, other than she dominated him. But what Wallis did that was extremely unusual for the time was oral sex. So perhaps that might be construed as kinky in the out-of-the-ordinary sense.

mouse said...

Is it wrong that I'm completely fascinated by what women keep in their purses, aside from the normal, pictures, wallet, keys and make-up?

I found that article interesting..thanks for sharing it Ronnie!


ronnie said...

Elysia - Hello. Your very welcome, glad you enjoyed the article. I think our Royal Family are boring but I think good for the UK, bring in lots of tourists :)

FD - Yes the Queen does dominate Phillip Read Hermione's comment about Walis Simpson, I didn't know that.
Spanking accomplished, thank you :)

I didn't know that Hermione but doesn't surprise me. I remember he was classed as her lapdog and loved the contempt and bullying she bestowed on him. No I can't image any kinkiness from Queen or Prince Phillip. I really should read more of our history:)

Thanks all. Hope you have a great weekend.


ronnie said...

Mouse - Your welcome. No, not at all, there's a colleague at work who is also fascinated by what women keep in their handbags especially celebrity and always asks us to keep any articles we spot.
Looked in mine, quite boring, purse with pics inside, phone, brush, keys, diary, notebook, pen, mirror, umbrella, tape measure, perfume, lipstick, mints :)

Thanks Mouse, have a lovely weekend.