Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Spanking Store

I seem to have implements on my mind.

Click for bigger picture.


Sorry not sure where I got the picture from.

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Implementitis: very serious disorder.

Btw, this picture is by Waldo. And it's a good one!

ronnie said...

Barley Pink - Hello and welcome. LOL your right.

Thanks for letting me know who the photo is by. Do you have a link for Waldo?


His mountain girl said...


i also suffer from i went to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy a wedding gift for a friend and found myself in the wooden spoon section with wet panties..oh woe is me!!!
love the picture..

Hermione said...

A lovely picture.

I recall watching a TV program called Kink, where a woman shopping for a new flogger was allowed to have her husband try a few on her, so she could decide which one she liked best.

Alas, the series is no longer on. perhaps reruns?



Specialist shops should have a try before you buy section, with a choice of female and male tops, to suit all customers :)


redxxx said...

I would love to work at that shop for a little while.
Red said...

Hi, Ronnie!

Here's a link to some of Waldo's works. I know it doesn't have his complete collection, but there are some great drawings on there. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Learn wisdom by the follies of others.............................................................

ronnie said...

His Mountain Girl - Hello and welcome. Oh dear did you end up buying a wooden spoon for yourself?

Hermione - Thanks. Canadian TV seem to have much more interesting programmes than the UK :)

Prefectdt - Excellent idea. I'd love the thought of a shop like that but would have to take P along for him to try them.

Red - LOL. Only for a while?

Barely Pink - Thanks, appreciate that and your right some lovely pictures.

Thanks all.


His mountain girl said...

ronnie...yes actually a nice bamboo set...lightweight but stings quite nicely...for the biride a set of

ronnie said...

Hi Mountain Girl - LOL, you made the right choice.

Have a good weekend.