Monday, 2 August 2010

No trouble this time

Went to the trade fashion show Pure at London's Olympia on Sunday. Dragged P along as he has a very good eye for style and keeps me in line regarding over spending, I think he enjoys it too even though he pretends it's a bit of a chore, its about the only time he wears a pair of jeans with designer frays (he bought them off the shelf at a Polo sale in Chester and was livid when we got home and he found the frays, I assured him they were fine but he still won't wear them locally), I think he feels a bit trendy even though he wears his shirt loose to hide the frays.

Anyway the show was the same one I got into trouble at last year, remember the commotion over Miss Slut Pants? I knew they weren't exhibiting this year because I checked the catalogue so no problem me getting into trouble again. I did tease P before we went, saying I hoped he's not thinking of visiting their stand so he can flirt with the Spanish girl again. Didn't over do though it as I got that look :)

We had a good day, ordered some new handbag styles. I have to say, considering we're in recession, the place was very busy, even more new exhibitors than last year and more expensive too. I wonder when the 'cure' for the recession and all our financial excesses over recent years will hit people's pockets and slump sales, it has to happen.

So no spanking for me yesterday but when I came into the office this morning my little package had arrived, our receptionist gave it to me on the way in. It's a new implement I spotted on ebay and couldn't resist it, it was in auction and I got it for a very good price.

I'll take a photo and post later in the week, promise.


The girls at the show weren't dressed like the ones in the picture.


PK said...

Glad you got to go to the show together. It sounded like you had a good day. Glad you didn't get yourself in trouble but sorry you didn't get any spanking though.

Package, don't talk about packages if you don't tell us what's in it! P - someone needs a good spanking. Hurry up with your next post!


ronnie said...

PK - Now don't you rush me :)

It was a good day even without a spanking.

Thanks for stopping by PK.


redxxx said...

I would cross the pond to see the show, if those were the real models at the show.
My, my, didn't you miss a chance for a warm bottom by not continuing to tease P a little more.
Looking forward to reading all the posts i missed.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie~ I don't mean to "start something" on your site but PK I should spank your ass myself and you know why!!! :P

Abby said...

Ronnie...a new package?? you are a tease! tell us..share! Abby

mouse said...


Sounds like a great day!


Hermione said...

Imagine tearing off that black tape after the show. Ouch!


ronnie said...

Red - There were some unusual catwalk shows, gorgeous girls very skimpily dressed but nothing like the girls in the picture:)

Eva - That little minx PK said what? Why should you spank me? Now you have to tell me more.

Abby - Hello. A little longer to wait but yes I'll share.

Mouse - Even without a spanking it was a nice day :)

Hermione - LOL, never thought of that but yes your right, Ouch indeed.

Thanks all.


hestia said...

mmmmmmmmmmm, I love shopping together... he makes me buy things I'd never dare to buy if I was alone...

and new implement.. tell me more..


Anonymous said...

She knows why. Make her tell you!! ROFL

Anonymous said...

I remember laughing about that other post!

ronnie said...

Hestia - I hate shopping with P :) but Sunday was different.

Eva - You bet you cotton socks I will.

Mick - I remember it only too well :) Thanks.

Hestia, Eva, Mick, thanks for stopping by