Monday, 23 August 2010

Mini Tawse

Hope you had a good weekend. Busy one for us so sorry haven't been around reading or commenting much.

Thursday I got spanked and taken from behind bending over the table where I wrap my Internet sales in our little upstairs office, then made to go home without my knickers, well I had them but they were in my handbag too sticky to wear.

It always makes me feel so wrong, naughty, doing it at work, sordid even. And of course all the more enjoyable for all those reasons.

And what caused this early bonus? My persistence, silent nagging, plaintive looks, wink wink looks, everything I could think of to attract his attention to my newest toy, the mini tawse, which I placed several times on his desk starting Wednesday morning only to have it returned to my own desk each time without comment. Well I finally got his attention late Thursday afternoon and it was robust to say the least.

It was almost 5.30pm, I'd placed the tawse on his desk just after lunchtime and he hadn't brought it back to me or said anything about it, just let it sit there. Didn't even move it when our neighbour popped her head round the door to say she was leaving and did we have any post we wanted her to take as she was going that way, she didn't notice it thank goodness. Then, with no verbal foreplay or warning of any sort, he just got up, popped the tawse into a document wallet, grabbed a set of keys off the wall hook and told me to accompany him upstairs. I didn't ask why, it was fairly clear that he intended to spank me and he chose upstairs because there wasn't a chance of any offices left working up there by that time. He took me up in the lift, only one flight as he didn't want to be seen or overheard when he squeezed my backside and told me I should be careful what I wished for, he was going to put that sweet little strap (as he called it) which kept appearing on his desk to good use and perhaps its owner wouldn't be so careless where she left it in future. Ooh this seemed promising, I'd almost given up, my only concern was that he seemed so serious but then I suppose that added to the spice.

We entered the office and P locked the door, there was an upper window slightly open to let air circulate as I keep stock up there, he closed it. Noise factor. He cleared away some bubble wrap from the table in use for wrapping and told me to bend over it and stretch to the far edge; a tad disappointed as I still had my trousers on, but I wasn't about to argue and I obeyed meekly. I heard P put the document wallet down and then I heard what had to be the splat of the tawse but there was no pain, it went again then again. ''Right,'' said my husband,''I think I've got the measure of that,'' he must have been testing it against his left hand, ''now we'll have these down.'' I felt his arms circle round my waist, his fingers nimbly undid the clasp and zipper and he roughly pulled my trousers down to my knees. I wiggled once and oohed, my own little signal that I was ripe for this, but within seconds I was gasping and wriggle-writhing in earnest as P laid into my knicker clad buttocks with that mean little strip of leather. He paused to move to the other side and thrashed me from right to left, then he returned to the left, pulled my knickers to my thighs and told me how red my bottom was. He asked me if my new toy was everything I'd hoped for and I said I thought it was effective.

''Only effective eh, but not everything you'd hoped for? Well perhaps you need it a bit harder to focus your thinking,'' and down it came again this time on my naked bottom flesh and my gasps became muted cries followed by not so muted cries as I could hardly control them. P stopped, yanked my knickers right down to my ankles then made me step out of my trousers and knickers together, He bunched my knickers up and told me to open my mouth, I didn't object I hardly had any choice and this was new ground. I could smell my own excitement and as P placed his hand firmly in the small of my back and resumed my spanking all I could do was writhe and mmmmm through my nose and splutter into my knickers.

God he spanked me well, I think it was the most thorough I've had for ages and it must have got him worked up because when the spanking stopped and he released his hand and I went to get up, he told me gruffly to stay right where I was. I thought more spanking was to follow but then I heard his trouser zip undo and felt to cold metal against my burning flesh and his hard penis probing between my cheeks, I pushed back, I whimpered as I felt it push against my private hole then it moved down to where I was slippery and eager. He slapped my right cheek or as much as he could get of it, then pulled back a little and his penis now wet with my excitement pushed again at my private, he told me I was wanton and needed to be taught a real lesson and I thought he was going to do it to me in the bum and I was shocked because I would have let him, But he didn't do it, instead he thrust into me hard, pushing my thighs into the table and the table into the wall, it's a good job that people in the offices downstairs rarely work after 5.30 else they would have heard the commotion. I think I screamed into my knickers as I orgasmed but P's animal roar was all I heard, christ it was intense.

We lay panting a while, then I giggled a bit, P pulled out of me and I felt his semen slop out from me, they say a teaspoonful is average but I reckon a ladle on this occasion, I grabbed my knickers from my mouth and rammed them between my legs to clean up, there were no tissues to hand. I turned round and sat against the edge of the table then winced as I realised how hard he's spanked. Then I reached up and planted a tiny kiss on his cheek, he grunted, still in animal mode obviously. I said I better go and wash my knickers out but he told me to just stuff them in my handbag, put my trousers on, we were going home. And ten minutes later we did, me sitting a little fidgety with the wool of my trousers teasing my poor bum and a very contented smile on my face.



PK said...

Geeze, you could have put a warning on this one! I think I'll run take another quick shower. Fantastic girl!!!


Sara said...

Wow, this is pretty darn hot reading for 8 am Ronnie!;) You make your marital work arrangement sound most intriguing!

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: WOW, what a scene. All your readers in the U.S. are waking up and supposed to be thinking about starting a new week and you are getting us all hot and bothered and distracted. Can't wait to see what he has planned next. You can tell him that your readers think he needs to come up with an encore. LOL.

FD said...

Wow, Ronnie. I second PK's desire for a shower after reading this.

Hot stuff.

Rachel said...

Fantastic! Ronnie we envy you for the position and relationship at work.
Rachel & aj

Hermione said...

Ronnie, you two really know how to enjoy your office space.

I thought how funny it would have been if he's left the bubble wrap on the desk. The snap of the tawse, the pop of the bubbles, and the crackle of your knickers! (Sorry! Thinking about cereal for breakfast, I guess.)


Galwaygiirl said...

Wow Ronnie, that was entirely too hot! Yikes.

Anonymous said...

You're killin' me Ronnie! You have a way of getting to the point and capturing all the important matters!

His mountain girl said...!! very hot.....going to shower now!lol

Daisychain said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGGG....and I'm just going to work..............
Hugs, xxxxxxxxxx
(ever thought of writing a book about your exploits? You should! xxxx

ronnie said...

PK - And what should the warning have said :) Glad you enjoyed it.

Sara - We have our moments :)

FD - I'll let him now to start planning LOL. - Thank you.

Rachel & aj - Hello, welcome. Just lucky we had the opportunity and took it :)

Hermione - LOL, snap crackle and pop, you do come out with some funny comments, I love them. Thanks.

Galwaygirl - Hello and welcome. Thank you and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, hope to see you again.

KayLynn - I try, thanks. Just wished I could write some fiction like this but doesn't come. Must email you.

His mountain girl - Thanks, hope you enjoyed your shower :)

Thanks, appreciate you taking time to stop by.


ronnie said...

Daisy - Thanks. I'd love to write a book but wouldn't know where to start.

Don't work too hard :)


Anonymous said...

Ronnie, some months ago I wrote that I was dissapointed of you being punished for "real" reasons. I didn´t get the neccesasary amount of courage to stop reading your blog.

You are a fenomenal writter and I'm glad that I still follow you. Maybe we don´t agree in motives, but we do agree that spanking is beautiful, funny, sexy and delicious. Specially, if you are the one telling us.

I loved your story. Definitely I will try to remake it with my partner. It was wonderfull.

BabyMan said...

Oh, that's warm Ronnie. That is VERY warm!

redxxx said...

HOT!!! Wonderful to read, and I really wonder how many people actually know of your spankings. Neighbor popped head around the corner...mmmm!!! I would see a tawse immediately.
This post makes going to work sound wonderful.

1manview said...

It must of been really good for you Ronnie, because you were very vivid in the details... Very Hot read...

ronnie said...

Anonymous - Hello. TTWD is different for all of us and with many names and so good that we all support one another. Your right we do agree very much on the delights of spanking. I'm glad you have been able to carry on reading and hope you continue and that you stop by again and leave a comment.

BabyMan - So was my bottom :)

Red - Thank you. Nobody knows, I hope:) Our office neighbour is not one of the noisy ones, had it been one of the other girls, eyes would have been everywhere.

1manview - It was very good. It's easy to write when it's true. I wished fiction would come as easy as I would love to write a book but just doesn't come for me.

Thanks all, really appreciate you taking time to stop by and leave comments.


Celine said...

Mmmmm..LOVE sounds so carnal, so animalistic..that tawse looks mean and yummy at the same time. Now I must have one, I believe. *grin* The office factor only makes it yummier! Lawdy, Ronnie, you tell a helluva story. You've got me all flushed and flustered. You are a rock star. :D