Monday, 30 August 2010

Driving Instructor

P should have been a teacher, trainer or an instructor of sorts.

I said as much to him yesterday when we were following a learner driver. "You would make a very good driving instructor or teacher, because your so patient and you explain things simply and always so calmly" I told him.

He laughed. ''Don't think I would be so patient with learner drivers, not the girls anyway, their numbers on our roads should be restricted, many of them shouldn't be driving''. Now I know he says this sort of thing to tease me so I told him that was ridiculous and that men, particularly young men, cause far more and worse accidents than girls. ''That may be true, I don't know the statistics,'' he said, ''but girl drivers give me more to curse about then men and that's a fact.'' I told him I was sure any girls he'd trained wouldn't cause the slightest anxiety to male drivers, he thought about that and then said ''Perhaps not, because I'd be lot harder on them than the boys, for their own good, in fact I'd spank them if they didn't come up to scratch.'' He was admittedly smiling by now.

''You'd better not take up driving instructing after all then,'' I said, ''you'd be in court more often that you were in the car.''

Hope you have a good week. Day off for me today, Bank Holiday and were going out so catch you all later.



PK said...

LOL! Nick was offered a job as a driving instructor a couple of years back when he was looking for work. After we discussed it he chose not to take it because the hours would take him away from home would have caused us to lose all our time together. Now that I see this picture and read what P thinks I'm even happier he didn't take it - LOL!! Could have been an interesting job though!


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Enjoy the post -- maybe P should have given you lessons (lol) --and enjoy the day off.

FD said...


Don't you have to learn how to parallel park or something? That was always the most difficult for me. ;)

Fun post! Enjoy your day off!


Hermione said...

Ron has exactly the same opinion of women drivers, even though young male drivers are statistically worse. Must be a guy thing!


turiya said...

You do know the reason that men hate women drivers is because we're more careful than they are! Well that's what I choose to believe anyway. That whole "women can't drive" thing stems back as far as I can remember... and I can guarantee it was started because women would make stupid mistakes with their husbands trying to teach them to drive by bellowing at them and making them too nervous to concentrate. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!



ronnie said...

PK - LOL. Confessions of a Driving Instructor was a British sex farce film, I think around 1970 something, funny at the time.

FD - I much prefer his other type of lessons :) - Had a lovely day, thanks. I used to hate having to park when I first started driving, took me a couple of attempts:)

Hermione - P hates me driving. Definitely a guy thing and your right young male drivers are the wrose.

Turiya - Strange, don't ask me why but I was just thinking about you and popped on to reply to comments and there you were :) Your right about that, so many jokes about women drivers. I have 2 friends who started with their husbands teaching them didn't last long.

Thanks all, always appreciate you taking time to pop over and comment.


redxxx said...

Ronnie: seems like you should ask for a few driving lessons, just to pick up a few pointers... and an extra spanking for deliberate mistakes.
have fun

Celine said...

I can't decide if I want a spanking teacher like that or if I don't. I'm a terrible driver..:/ This made me grin a lot, though, and the photo is fab! Celine

ronnie said...

Red - Wouldn't work with P :)

Celine - Hello and welcome. I wouldn't want a spanking teacher unless it was P L).

Thanks both.