Friday, 16 July 2010

Unprofessional Behaviour

So there I was last night over his lap in the bedroom, jeans round my ankles, getting a sound tantrum spanking whilst being educated about silly personal whims not conflicting with professional behaviour. Tantrums, not you Ronnie, surely, I hear you say. But yes it was a tantrum that brought it on and then my attitude to being corrected made it worse. He hadn't taken my pants down, not that the flimsy cotton would lessen the sting, and I knew the reason because I know my husband. They would stay in place until his hand had heated my backside enough to have my very earnest attention and promising I'd learned my lesson and then they would come down for him to galvanise the lesson. It's not negotiable, he likes to know I've reached that certain point where I've got no argument left only pleas, he says it's the right time to spank for real. I guess after so may years he knows my wily ways.

So a brief pause while he addresses a few other matters and then his right leg wraps over my two, a sharp question to ask me did I fully understand, which he had to ask twice on this occasion as I held back knowing that after I answer yes, down come the pants. Which I want and don't want. Then I say I understand, he says well this is to make damn sure you really do, and down come my pants and I gasp because it always has that effect on me and then, with his left hand holding my back and my legs gripped in the vice of his right leg, he spanks me so fast and hard I think I'm going to combust spontaneously. I struggle as best I can, I really need to but it doesn't do any good, I want to shout so loud the neighbours three doors down will call the police or something, but I dont, I take my spanking and the shouting comes out like muffled suppressed mmmmmnnn sounds and eventually my struggling slows and I want to sob and the fights all gone and the spanking slows and then stops. And my sniffles and P's breathing are all you can hear in the room.

After a few minutes he gently pulls up my pants and lifts me up onto the bed, he turns me towards him, I hate it when he makes me look up to him, he tut tuts at what a silly girl I've been and then he puts his arm round me and I nuzzle into his chest and apologise. Which is sincere by the way, because I was wrong.

And what prompted all of this? I wouldn't take a phone call yesterday afternoon from an old client, a person who I'd never liked and thought I'd got rid of now I'm hardly involved in the recruitment side. The call was put through to me and I pretended I couldn't hear properly and hung up, then I went to the loo before Clare could re-connect the call. P had to take it eventually and I know he was angry with me when I came back in the office, I said the guy in question was a real creep and he could pee off as far as I was concerned. Then P told me he'd just wanted to introduce a friend of his and make sure we we're still around, so my attitude could have cost us a lead. Then P said it would be nice if I called him later and just said hi and thanks for the lead. I said I wouldn't and I didn't.

But I certainly will today :)



Anonymous said...

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Sara said...

Ouch! That sounds like it was well earned and well paid. As I know myself, working with the hubby can be a real challenge!

Hermione said...

That was quite a punishment! I do understand the reason, but I probably would have done the same as you. I don't like to confront people I don't like.


Anonymous said...

I've done the "let's make sure you understand" line, too. Good luck with the creep.

PK said...

I sure do like you and P as a couple! I like that you stand up for yourself and do as you like as much as you please and I like that P turns you up and lets you know when he thinks you take it too far. You two are good for each other!


Anonymous said...

Of course, I meant your customer, not your husband.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

...eventually my struggling slows and I want to sob and the fights all gone...I nuzzle into his chest and apologise.

It had the desired effect

Janet said...

I know exactly what you mean. I hate to have to look up at Wil when the punishment is over. I just want to snuggle into his chest and hide, but he requires me to look up at him and apologize!
Sorry you got in trouble,

Anonymous said...

This post almost makes me wanna.... nah... I think I'll go jump in the pool instead. So how'd that phone call go?

ronnie said...

Sara - I don't know about well earned but certainly was well deserved. After working together for so long I should know better :)

Hermione - The creep is so different when he speaks to P so he doesn't understand what's he's like but it was wrong of me. I've told staff off enough times for the same thing.

Mick - LOL Mick, I knew what you meant. Thanks.

PK - P is very easy going but your right, once he thinks I've overstepped the mark he lets me know. Thanks PK.

OBB - Certainly did :)

Janet - Thank you. I was totally in the wrong and really really should know better.

Eva - LOL, Thanks for stopping by. I was the good secretary and made the call with all the sweetness I could muster :)

Hope you all have a great weekend, thanks for stopping by.


Daisychain said...

Hi Ronnie!
Brilliant post, gosh, I was with you there. Even when we know better, and know the inevitable consequences, sometimes its impossible to adjust our attitude!!
I would have done the same as you, and Davey would have done the same as P!!!
Though, I would record conversations with El Creepo and let Davey listen, because, then, business or not, he would flatten the bastard!!!

Absolutely cracked up laughing at Micks posts.... priceless!!!!

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: I doubt you will be hangig on anybody again any time soon. LOL.


turiya said...

I'll admit... I'd have done the same thing. I hate talking on the phone at the best of times, though. Well not really hate it... I just have a hard time staying in one place for too long and not having something to do with my hands...

Wait... that sounds really bad...

Oh well... glad it all worked out anyway. Hope the guy wasn't too much of a jerk with you on the phone.



PS LOL... Word Verification: embum

Anonymous said...


ronnie said...

Daisy - If he calls again, I'll put the phone on loud speaker so P can hear him Thanks Daisy.

FD - LOL, I don't do it normally but if you could hear this creep when he speaks :(

Turiya - "not having something to do with my hands" LOL, I know what you meant. I did make the call and was very sweet :)

Thanks for stopping by and hope you all have a good week.


redxxx said...

Wonderful to read.
A proper comeuppance for you , young lady! (is that what the Brits would say).
Hope more than a cuddle followed soon after.