Monday, 19 July 2010

In case of Fire

Hope you had a great weekend. We were out all day yesterday visiting family down south.

This little implement is the wooden bat I bought for P's birthday and which he used on me last night, not for any transgression or anything, not this time :) just because I reminded him in the afternoon, as we passed an Ann Summers store, that he still had a couple of birthday presents as yet unused. So 50% of them have now been commissioned and boy I wish I hadn't bought it (what do you mean you don't believe me), my bottom still has a slight red glow and I certainly felt it when I had my shower. Hoping he brings out the the tawse soon.

I didn't know but he took it to work and thought it amusing to hang it up so I would see it when I walked in the office this morning.

My dear husband certainly has a sense of humour.



Sara said...

Now That's funny! I'll bet it's best left hanging, too!

Hermione said...

That looks like a firestarter, all right! It seems as long as our wooden shoehorn - Ron's current favourite.

An Ann Summers store? Now that would be a fun place to visit.


1manview said...

( Laughing ) That he does!....

Anonymous said...

Oh wow.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I like the way the man's mind works.


You could always use it to beat out a fire :)


Ally said...

very clever of him... :)

turiya said...

LOL... that's too funny! Sounds like something Asha would do.



ronnie said...

Sara - No, not hanging, prefer out of sight out of mind :)

Hermione - If your shoehorn is anything like that, ouch. It's about 18.5" long. I don't like it and I've decided it's my least favourite.
Personally Hermione I'm no fan of Anne Summers, some of their items are tacky and quite cheaply made.

1manview - It's good that he does.

Eva - Glad you think so :)

OBB - so do I most of the time :)

Prefectdt - Now that's funny LOL.

Ally - He thought so.

Turiya - I had to laugh seeing it.

Thanks all, appreciate yur comments.


redxxx said...

At work? What a conversation starter...