Friday, 4 June 2010

Unexpected Spanking

Last Sunday I got myself into trouble but didn't know about it until Monday morning and received an unexpected spanking because of it. Yes I can hear you all saying but Ronnie that's not unusual you often get yourself into trouble. This time it wasn't contrived or intentional, honest.

I sent an email to PK to ask how she was as I hadn't heard from her, mentioning we were with family and friends on the weekend and I hadn't received any spankings. As I hit the send button I realised I had put P's email address by mistake, thought nothing of it and just re-sent it. I meant to mention to P to delete it but we had friends over and I forgot.

Imagine my surprise when I opened my email Monday morning and received this from P (have taken some words out)

----- Original Message -----
From: P
Sent: Monday, May 31, 2010 9:59 AM
Subject: Re: Hello

Your email came to the wrong person. So what is it. Complaining to your friends that you haven't been spanked? I'll give you spanking my girl.

I'm stopping by the office when we go out after lunch, I doubt if you'll be emailing along the same lines this evening.

Oops. Yes oops indeed. He took me to the office on our way out, nobody was in as it was Bank Holiday.

So there I was Monday afternoon over P's lap with my jeans and pants around my ankles receiving a spanking from the lovely leather rose paddle he got from John, Leatherthorn Paddles and which resides in his desk drawer these days. Not quite so lovey when your feeling it raining down hard on your bottom.

Not immediately anyway.



M:e said...

Oh Ronnie, how priceless! I sat reading this with a mixture of 'oh no! and a smile.

Beautiful paddle...and I'm guessing a certain part of your anatomy blushed the same shade of that rose by the time P was done?!!

love and hugs to you both xxx

Hermione said...

Ronnie, that's my greatest fear - sending an email to the wrong address. Luckily it was only to P.

Imagine keeping that lovely paddle in his desk drawer, so it's always handy whenever the opportunity arises. What a thoughtful husband.


BabyMan said...

That's great...and funny!

Anonymous said...

Well Ronnie,

Is it possible that you had some subconscious motivation here, as P is quite the accommodator imo! Have a great weekend.

turiya said...

Owies... but then... in an offhanded sorta way... you kinda did ask for it. ;)



Anonymous said...

I've never had a spanking for being "bad" but at this point I'm willing to be oh so naughty just to get a much needed spanking.


Anonymous said...

You lost me at "it wasn't contrived or intentional, honest."

You "mistakenly" sent the e-mail to P? Hmmmm....I'm sure he didn't intentionally spank you wither! That's abpit as likely! lol

Florida Dom said...

Enjoyed the story, Ronnie. Now you know what you need to do when you're reading for a spanking. An email accidentally sent to his address talking about your need for spankings should do the trick. LOL,


Sara said...

I hope you sent a nice thank you email to them BOTH! ;)

PS, yes a beautiful paddle. We have the same one and it is my favorite

ronnie said...

M:e - Yep, my behind was actually a deeper shade of red :)

Hermione - I'm normally so careful about who I send emails to. He's moved a few of his toys down to the office so I'd better behave.

BabyMan - Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

KayLynn - Completly innocent this time :) Hope your well.

Turiya - I suppose I did. Thanks.

Hedone - Hi, sometimes a girl's just got to be naughty but this wasn't one of those times

Neo Dom Tom - You have to believe what you want. Those who read here know I often get myself into trouble and honestly quite happy to say but this was a genuine mistake. We work together and we often have to email details to each other.

FD - Thank you.

Sara - I certainly did :)

Thanks all, appreciate you stopping by.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi about next time you get your bum spanked with that paddle right before you start work so that you have to sit on a very sore bottom all morning long!!!

Your naughty bottom needs daily attention methinks!


SugarAnne said...

Ronnie, I'm with KayLynn. I think there was a subconscious thing going on here. How convenient that you suddenly received what you'd been missing with a simple click of the mouse. :)


ronnie said...

Aristotle - I'd love to have my bottom attending to every morning :)

SugarAnne - You possibly could be right :)

Thanks both. Hope your weekend is going well.


Anonymous said...

A good medicine tastes bitter. .........................................

Daisychain said...

<< sighing in jealousy...

PK said...

Shoot, I meant to come back and comment but didn't get here! I love being part of your spanking even if I didn't do anything directly. You tell P I'm proud and honored!!


ronnie said...

Daisy - Just wait until Davey gets here and then we'll be jealous because he will certainly be making up for lost time :)

PK - I'll make sure I let P know :) Thanks.

Thanks both.


redxxx said...

Being careful on the internet is always necessary. A spankng well deserved.