Friday, 18 June 2010

Saucy Postcards

I was out with a friend the other day and and we were talking about holidays, she asked if I had any of the old saucy postcards they used to sell (probably still do) in traditional British seaside resorts. I didn't think I had any but I certainly remember them, she told me the landlady at a B&B where her parents went every year told them she had just sold some of her old postcards to a collector.

I remember these cards from holidays as a child, they used to sell them in newsagents and souvenir shops and I used to love trying to read some but was often dragged away by my parents. I remember some were quite funny, a lot I didn't understand being young as they used to make use of innuendo and double entendres, often cartoon style, sometimes bawdy in nature. A lot of them traditionally featured stereotypical characters such as vicars, large ladies, put-upon husbands and young ladies with pointed breasts. I don't every remember seeing any spanking related ones though.

Apparently some of the original postcards can command high prices at auction. So if anyone has the original postcards, they may be worth something

There's an exhibition on at the Tate now called Rude Britannia.



M:e said...

I remember these postcards too....and the memory of them has triggered a whole flood of memories about childhood holidays, which is lovely. Thank you!

love and hugs xxx

Hermione said...

The cards make me think of the Carry On films type of humour. May I say, typically British?


ronnie said...

M:e - It did the same for me, happy memories I must say.

Hermione - Yes very British and your right they are on the same lines as the Carry on Films.

M:e, Hermione, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Hope you both have a lovely weekend.


Sara said...

"delightful smut"..I do like the sound of that. We should name something!

redxxx said...

As Hermione stated, I loved the Carry on movies for the double meanings. As you, I loved looking at the postcards when i was young. Thanks for the memories, as Bob Hope used to say...

ronnie said...

Sara - Yes, I love it too.

Red - I'm so happy you enjoyed them.

Sara, Red, thanks for stopping by.


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