Monday, 21 June 2010

Outdoor Spanking - nearly

Hope you all had a great weekend. Sorry late posting today only just got into the office.

We were in town Saturday night around 9.30, we'd parked in a public car park near the pedestrianised shopping area, it seemed quite busy as everyone had presumably stayed in Friday night to watch England's unmentionable performance against Algeria. Anyway as we were getting out, I spotted P's new lady friend just getting into her car, I alerted P but he gave me that look. I should explain there's a lady who has taken a liking to P, she works in our building and every time she sees him she goes out of her way to speak to him or if they both arrive together in the mornings she hurry's out of her car and catches up with him so she can walk with him, I find it amusing. He said he'll switch his times and routes to avoid her lying in wait for him, I'm sure he's seen the CIA do it in some movie or other, I just laughed.

Anyway, we carried on into the shopping part of town as we wanted to look at a shop premise that's coming up for let in September, apparently they've put a little notice on their door but P wouldn't go check it out during normal trading hours. We got the information we wanted and carried on right through the pedestrianised area to the restaurant and pubs side of town where P suggested we had a beer, which was nice. After we decided to take a long walk back to where we'd parked, going through the park after walking round the lake which I showed you the other week, nobody about in the park and it was twilight. I started teasing him about his lady friend, he was taking it in good humour and we were laughing, then he said ''Ok, Ok, that's enough now'' but I carried on, enjoying myself and I think he enjoyed it too really because it gave him an opportunity to do or almost do something he's often threatened but never carried out.

He grabbed my arm sat down on the nearest park bench and pulled me over his knee, my heart stopped, ''No you can't not here, what if somebody comes'', but he gave me a really meaty swat on each cheek, god it sounded so loud in the quiet of the park, then he lifted me up and told me I was lucky he didn't spank me properly but it would have been too much for the gentleman with the binoculars watching from his balcony. I shot round, there's a block of low rise apartments adjacent to the park and I could see someone standing on a balcony, his form silhouetted against the light from his lounge, ''Oh christ, come on quickly,'' I said, but P wouldn't be rushed he said there was no chance of him seeing us any better than we could see him, in fact set against the trees and foliage in the park he probably couldn't make us out at all.

Was I relieved. Then on the way back to the car I thought about it, I mean you don't get many opportunities like that, perhaps I would have quite liked it, in a strange kind of way.



Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: I think P would be flattered that the lady finds him interesting. And you can enjoy it since you know you can trust him.

But that opportunity you let get away, maybe you would have liked it in public and all. LOL.

Sounds like you had a nice weekend.


Anonymous said...

Well, Ronnie, I'm glad that you at least got two meaty smacks on your naughty backside in the open air. I think that you should be taken to the middle of a quiet wood somewhere, be upended with your knickers down and given a sound spanking. If anybody heard they would think it was someone out shooting because the sound of palm landing on female posterior is like a pistol shot.......especially in the open air. I know because we live in the middle of a wood and the sound of a hand landing on Mrs.A's bare bum when outside in the garden is just like a pistol crack!

Do try!


PK said...

Now that would have left me tingling and not just on my bottom. I love the fantasy of an outdoor spanking including someone watching. Now I'm not sure reality would be as good but it's exciting that you almost found out.

You must keep teasing P about this woman. It could lead to something wonderful!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Be careful what you wish for

Sara said...

Oh the thought of anything public just horrifies me! (we are all different :)) Glad the weekend was a nice one!

Hermione said...

Ron has one of those admirers. Whenever I see her, she immediately inquires after Ron. Never mind how I am today! I tease Ron about it and he hates it, cuz he doesn't like her one bit.

Ooh, an outdoor spanking! Two is so much better than none. It's a promise of more to come later on.


SugarAnne said...

As long as the spanking was all in good fun, I think I'd be a little mortified and a lot tittilated. But can you imagine a punishment spanking in public? That's probably one of my worst nightmares. As long as that smile remains plastered on his face, it sounds like a blast!


M:e said...

I can just imagine you teasing P about his 'admirer'. I've been doing something similar to HWMBA about a woman who I'm convinced is interested in

love and hugs xxx

redxxx said...

Twilight, a quiet mention of your panties or pants being lowered or a skirt raised, sounds like you should have been spanked longer... Simple comment of six of the best would suffice for anyone who happened by, even if it was more than six... you should talk to P about the concept before the next opportunity avails itself. However, I have forgotten the size f the town you live in, and a small town would be a problem!!! But could be fun on vacation elsewhere.

ronnie said...

FD - It's quite amusing to see, she doesn't acknowledge me.

Aristotle - Oh I can image that sound. I would love to be taken in the woods and spanked. Mrs A is a lucky lady.

PK - I too would love an outdoor spanking but still not sure about somebody watching though.
P doesn't mind a little teasing but I shouldn't go too far or should I?

OBB - They do say say but an outdoor spanking is something I'd really like.

Sara - Could be quite exciting though. Weekend was good,thanks.

Hermione - I say to P, it's because he's so charming that's why she's attracted to him and Ron must be the same. At least I had a taster:)

SugarAnne - Oh yes all in good fun, no worries there.

M:e - LOL, I'd like to hear the teasing.

RED - We live in a fairly small town and certainly wouldn't be good to be spotted with me over P's knee but yes when we next take a holiday it's something I may suggest. Thanks Red

Thanks all for stopping by and leaving comments.


turiya said...

Asha gets admirers like that too... it's kinda funny. He doesn't understand it.

The outdoor spanking though... OMG, I'd be horrified!