Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Drawers and a Martinet

I love this picture, we have the martinet but where do I get a pair of those drawers?

The Secretary was on last night. I never get tired of watching it.

Picture from Au Fil des Jours



M:e said...

You can get them (or something very close to them) on ebay.

love and hugs xxx

PK said...

I love that picture!!!


BabyMan said...

I've always wanted a pair of them (not for me of course). What are they called?

Hermione said...

Perhaps you could sew a pair. Or buy a pair of very baggy shorts and open the back seam.


Anonymous said...

You could probably get some, Ronnie, from a theatrical costumier..or such a person would probably be able to make you a pair. They are quite delightful and would look even moreso with your lovely bottom inside them!


Janet said...

I went on ebay and typed in bloomers and got a large choice of them. If you really want the original split bloomers from the Victorian era then range between 150-300 dollars!!! Too rich for my blood, but they did have others much less expensive and if you are a sewer they also have the patterns. Let us know if you get some!!

sixofthebest said...

I find that photo most erotic. Yes, my favorite old-fashioned bloomers are called 'directoire knickers'. A Gentleman who wishes to pull down such spanking finery lingerie to bare a ladies bottom, must take a hold of the waistband, and gentle ease them off her,

淑娟 said...


冠慧 said...


ronnie said...

M:e - I never thought of Ebay so thanks.

PK - Me too :)

BabyMan - I wasn't sure to be honest but sixofthebest calls them 'directoire knickers' Try that in a search or "bloomers" as Janet suggested.

Hermione - Oh no, Hermione, I'm not good with a needle :)

Aristotle - Good idea and I hope P thinks so as well.

Janet - I'll try a search for Bloomers, $150 far to much for me as well. Thank you.

Sixofthebest - It's a lovely photo. You seem well acquainted with this type of lingerie.

Thanks all.


Sara said...

Ronnie, a month ago KayLynn visited me and we found a real pair of those in an antique shop...she HAD to have them and I will admit they are quite lovely!

redxxx said...

Great photo..Maybe you could become the supplier by starting your own company...

1manview said...

I saw the picture and now I want my lady to have a pair. They are called bloomers, I found a place that sell them on line, they also had a Split Crotch Bloomer. But I will have to call to see if they have some like on your picture. ( that open in the back) So far $85.00 is the most expensive pair I saw on their site. The address is I did see some on Ebay. Most of them seem to lack quality and one pair I could see did not open in the back.. I'm still looking, so if i run into something else, I'll let you know.. (Smiling)

ronnie said...

Sara - I'm still looking for mine :)

Red - Good idea, I think many a lady would be delighted to own a pair.

Imanview - Oh yes please let me know if you spot any more. I didn't see any of ebay uk, will have to take another look.

Thanks all, appreciate you stopping by.