Monday, 5 April 2010

Saturday night caning

Almost through the holiday weekend and all's well, in fact all's better than well. I'm sitting, as I type, on a still slightly sore backside from an incident on Saturday night which I'll tell you about shortly, we've jumped further along the road to organising a China trip, P's brother got some very good news and our son's taking mom and dad out for a beer or two at a jazz night in one of the local pubs tonight. I think the one that means most to me is the jazz night, it was our son's second payday Thursday in his new and first proper job since uni and its nice to get invited for a beer instead of being asked for some beer money. And hey, he's not ashamed to be seen out with his mom and dad, so I won't let him down, I can drink beer from the bottle, by the pint, even knock back a Guinness, when in Rome and all that, I'm looking forward to it. If they have upholstered seats so much the better.

So to Saturday and my own upholstered seat getting some unexpected but deserved attention. Last weekend I really wanted to get into 'trouble' (if you read my Friday post you'd know) and it didn't happen, but this weekend I had no such intention and it happened quite naturally, and forcefully, after I lost it at P's mother's, where we had dinner. Yes I know.

Everything was going okayish, we'd agreed we'd leave as early as politeness permitted because we were driving up to Chester early Sunday morning but that didn't happen because of a few things his mom brought up which P felt needed airing and I was totally bored with having heard it more than once. I had a couple of extra glasses of wine while they put the world to rights, eventually just at after eleven pm I started kicking P's ankles under the dinner table, I think his mother noticed, I can't imagine how unless it was the look he gave me, anyway she found more incredibly important matters to burden P, I'm sure she did it on purpose and I opened another bottle of wine. P stopped me from pouring, jammed the cork back in the bottle and said it was time to go, he hadn't noticed the time. His mom looked disappointed we weren't staying longer but I did see a hint of a smirk when she saw him stop my hand from pouring?

It's only a short drive from his mother's and it was made in silence. Our son was out with his friends, I was about to go into the lounge when P's hand gripped my upper arm, I turned admittedly aggressively and he just said 'Now,' and propelled me towards and up the stairs. I shook his hand off at the top and went to go towards the loo but he grabbed me again and shuffled me into the bedroom, he started telling me how unacceptable my little tantrums were, it was always over his mother, it was childish, there were responsibilities which he took seriously even if I didn't etc etc. So it was obvious what he was intending to do, ''You can't, it'll wake the neighbours,'' I said in a spitting whisper. ''What I'm going to do won't wake the neighbours, any fuss you make might but that's up to you,'' he said, and he went to the wardrobe and took out a green garden cane. ''Oh no you're not,'' having felt it in play I was in no mood to acquiesce, but my protest didn't get me anywhere other than across a doubled over pillow near the centre of the bed. P's a lot heavier than me and much stronger, if push comes to shove there's no point struggling although I would probably have made the effort if it hadn't been so damned quiet. He roughly unfastened my jeans and dragged them and my knickers down to almost my knees, placed a hand firmly in the small of my back and caned me. He did it hard and quite fast and I'd say more than a dozen times, the noise of the swishing and the sharp thwacks would have been over in not much more than a minute, any neighbour curiosity would have been short lived, not long enough to put two and two together. As for me I could hardly find enough bed to writhe into and I'd stuffed my face into the other pillow to muffle my distress.

I heard P leave the bedroom and go downstairs. I stayed on the bed, pulled the duvet round me and thought what a bastard I had for a husband, it was all his mother's fault, I wanted to cry, I tried snivelling but couldn't, I heard the tv switch on downstairs. After about 15 minutes I got up, pulled my pants up and went down. P was sitting sipping a small glass of whisky watching Sky news, I said I was sorry, got myself some water and went to bed.

I was melting into sleep twenty minutes later when I heard P get into bed, I instinctively moved further to my side when I felt his hand rest on my punished backside but his hand didn't move, and two minutes later I was nuzzling back into it as I drifted off.

Yesterday morning the skin on my bum felt tight, it was sore to touch in places, I reached across to P's side of the bed but it was empty he'd gone to collect the Sunday morning papers. I moved across to his side, where his man scent still lingered and curled up for an extra 10 minutes, wishing he might come back to bed but knowing he wouldn't.

We went up to Chester as planned, nothing was said of Saturday night, I enjoyed the day very much.


Picture from Carly, Brambleberry Blush


PK said...

The cane, the cane - do they know how much the cane hurts?? But it sounds like a wonderful session. I'm so happy that you were happy. I doubt this is going to change how you act at his mothers - until he changes how he acts at his mothers but even if he ignored you at his moms at least he didn't ignore you all evening!

I love that your son is taking you out. That will always be special - the fact that he wants to do it is just great.


Anonymous said...

So pleased to read about you getting your bottom caned. I sometimes look at my wife's bare bottom as she walks across the bedroom and think 'What she really needs is the cane.' The thought is followed asap with some good reason to apply the cane to her 50+ naughty backside!

I think that most women need to feel the cane across their behinds from time to time.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ronnie,

I can related to your evening - the frustrations with his mom - D says I floor it past road signs when I'm in a mood. P & D seem cut from that cloth of knowing that they are right and at times not so concerned with our need to reconnect. For them the acting normal is the reconnecting. It is something that will take me awhile to get --your post helps. Hugs, KayLynn

Daisychain said...

Ronnie, for what its worth, I feel P was bang out of order!!! You both made an agreement that you would leave as early as he didn't need to let himself get embroiled in a discussion that took so long to complete...could've just said, something like "you know, mom, I'm really sorry, we don't have time to discuss this now, we have to get home as we are leaving early tomorrow morning; maybe next time?"
While he lets her win over you, there is always going to be tension. I have every sympathy!
But, on the other hand, did you secretly enjoy the way he took control like that??? ;P I would have loved it if Davey did that, although not with a cane; there are reasons I have a phobia about canes.. he knows and wouldn't use one.

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: You should like visiting his mother. Don't the visits usually wind up including a cane for you?

The only disappointing thing is that he didn't return to bed Sunday morning. He missed an opportunity for more play time when you seemed to be in the mood. LOL.


Hermione said...

Eleven is far too late to have lingered there in repetitive conversation. You deserved that extra bottle of wine.

That cane was such a lovely souvenir. I'm glad P remembered to use it again.


Measha said...

It sounds like you took the cane rather well. I would have squirmed off the bed and scrambled down the stairs...the neighbors be damned, they all would have heard! But, just the sight of a cane makes act that way, hopefully TJ will never think to try to acclimate me to one.

And I agree, you deserved another bottle of wine!

redxxx said...

interesting to read. Being the first time visiting in quite some time, it appears your husband should be more caring at his mother's, than simply a repetitive conversation when plans exist for the next day. However, a person who likes to be spanked, must have inwardly enjoyed the session.
Thus, everyone happy after the spanking.Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I have become a fan of your blog. I visit it very often. I enjoyed very much the posts where you act foolishly to get a good spanking, but to tell you the truth I was very disspointed with this last post. I kind of felt P. did not punish you for the game but for being truly mad at you. I do not think that is fair at all. That is violence and not the funny one.

Sara said...

Ouch! Ronnie, I dunno...I think I would have kicked the man too. Glad it all worked out though,


ronnie said...

PK - I don't think it will every change with his mother unless we emigrate :) but I really do need to be a little bit more supportive, don't I?
We had a lovely time PK, thanks.

Aristotle - Welcome and thank you. Your wife's a lucky women :) Btwn you and me, I'm liking the cane more and more.

KayLynn - It's time for a talk and his mother is not an easy subject but It's something that we need to sort out. Thanks KayLynn.

Daisy - Mother thing will always be there, I wont go into detail. Yes I love it totally when P takes complete control even though my poor bottom suffers :)

FD - No I don't like visiting his mother and yes I was disappointed he didn't return but you can't have everything :)

Hermione - I do agree 11.00 was far too late and I have said the same to P. I prefer that little souvenior to the school cane we have :)

Measha - It's amazing how you can be quiet. It happened very quickly. I have always had a love hate relationship with the cane but it's growing on me :)

Redxxx - I certainly do like to be spanked. Thank you and I hope you stop by again.

Anonymous - Firstly thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm happy you enjoy my blog but sorry my last post disappointed you.
I don't know if you are in a spanking relastionship. If you knew P you would know he does not have an ounce of violence in him, yes he spanks me and some would see that as violence. We have been involved in TTWD for a long time and bonderies were set when we started, it's something we both enjoy. Regarding the caning after his mothers, I have been told on a number of occassions to "behave" at/after his mothers (I wont go into details as it is very personal) and if not I will be punished, it's as simple as that, I misbehaved and I was dealt with it, I deserved it, no violence just my husband taking me in hand. I was safe in his hands, I respect him and certainly have no fear of him and I could have at anytime used our safe word.
I do hope you will pop back.

Sara - Everything worked out fine, thank you.

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving comment.