Friday, 5 March 2010

Canes,Straps,Clamps and so much more

Had an email from a reader asking who and where do we use to buy implements from and the answer is wherever and from whomever (is that correct grammar?) has something eyewatering eyecatching. P has even bought from an Irish hardware store very recently so I now have a real Irish garden cane in my underwear drawer, it's green too.

I replied and gave them links to Coco-de-Mer, (rather expensive), Equestrian Centre, Rosy Bottom and John at Leatherthorn Paddles (I love John's paddles)

Also my favourite CANE-IAC, from which we've bought several delightful playthings, they have such a wide choice and excellent quality but the main thing I like about Cane-Iac is Cane Master and Cane Mistress who are so helpful and obliging, short of spanking you themselves they can't do enough for you. Email them any suggestions, questions and they're straight back to you.

I recently emailed them with a query, both were so helpful and was sorted in no time at all. So if your looking to buy any new implements and you haven't tried Cane-Iac, give them a go, you really wont be disappointed.

And no I don't hold stock in the company, just appreciate good service:)

This is one of my favourite OTK implements we got from them (taken before P used it) but I think the Heart Attack Paddle will be my next buy.



PK said...

Woooo... both of those look wonderful! But that 'heart attack' looks like it would HURT! I have had reason to think highly of Cane-IAC lately myself - more on that in a post at my place later.

Big old hugs!!


Hermione said...


I love that heart-shaped implement, and just might have to have one too. I have not tried Cane-iac but it sounds like I have been missing out on some good fun!


ronnie said...

PK - I'll look forward to reading it:)

Hermione - Definitely give them a go, service is great. Let me know if you do buy the heart.

Thanks and hope you both have a wonderful weekend.


mouse said...


Very nice. My Master has several things he uses on me he got at tack


ronnie said...

Mouse - Some of the crops we have are lovely.

Thanks for stopping by.


ronnie said...
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Daisychain said...

Thanks for the tips and ideas, Ronnie. One day, I will be feverishly looking to buy implements, I am sure. Just, (sigh) not yet....
Great post... I am archiving the info!
Hugs, xxxxxxxxxx Daisy

ronnie said...

Daisy, Your welcome. You wont go wrong buying from Cane-Iac. Davey cold even bring one over with him.

Take care and keep well.