Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow snow go away

I love the snow but not when it delays my new jodhpurs!

I received this by email yesterday, I mean its nice of them to keep us informed and I do understand conditions are disrupting normal services but I really was rather hoping to receive them before the coming weekend.............................



Hermione said...

Oh, dear, does that mean some dressup fun and spanking will be postponed?

I've been hearing about all the terrible weather you have been having. We have it too, and worse, but of course we are prepared for it and have shovels, snow ploughs, road salters and sanders and warm clothing. Even so, there are always lots of accidents after the first snowfall of the winter; people totally forget how to drive in the snow.

Stay warm!


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: It's even below freezing in some part of Florida but we usually don't get snow.

I grew up in snow country but after living in Florida for a while, I'm out of practice in dealing with snow, especially driving in it.


Lessa said...

ohhhhhhhhhh poor Ronnie... I love the weather but I've seen on tv it's much worse in the UK... keeping my fingers crossed...

love, Lessa

Anonymous said...

Can you consider the delay foreplay... It's all I got except to remind you that you two have an incredible collection of toys. I do understand you've got to keep the economy going, 'cause you're a good girl on all... ; )

M:e said...

Awwwww, poor you!! I was told recently that patience is a virtue, and I replied that I didn't think he liked virtuous women very much!!

Hopefully, with or without the jodphurs a certain someone will ensure you stay toasty warm ;)

love and hugs xxx


Oh well, I suppose that it all helps heighten the sense of anticipation and is something to look forward to when the snow is gone.


ronnie said...

Hermione - As it turns out, couldn't have used them, family calls. Yes we are having bad weather. -6-9 where we live and a village in Scotland reached -22 Thursday night. I know we don't get it as bad as other countries but that is cold for us and we can't cope. Our minor roads are very bad (our road is like a skating ring) and council running out of grit for the roads. They say we only have enought girt for a few days and this weather is apparently going on for another week.

FD - I take it that unusual for Florida?

Lessa - Thanks Lessa. Our snow is now turning to ice and I dont like it when it's like that :(

KayLynn - LOL consider it foreplay, never thought of it like that. Can't have enought toys KayLynn, P says we have too many, how many is too many?

M:e - LOL. Never have been a one for waiting. Your suggestions sounds lovely but the best laid plans always go wrong so no chance of that now this weekend.

Prefectd - saying goes, "good things comes to those that wait" but I think I've waited long enought. Just be my luck that they don't fit and I have to send them back :)

Thanks. Hope you all have a great weekend.


Daisychain said...

Hi Ronnie!
Its bad down here, too, the council is gritting the main roads only; for those who manage to get out of their side roads, great....but the rest just have to look wistfully up an impossible hill at the main road just yards away, with 2 hopes of making it that far.... (NO, and BOB)

Fabsterrant said...

Can't wait to hear where the jodphers apply. Can't help but wonder if its a teacher student relationship. Fingers crossed and wishing,lol. I wanna know.

ronnie said...

Daisy - seems to be thawing a little today though we did have snow last night. Took me 40 minutes to get into work, normally only a 5-10 min car journey. Could have walked faster.

Fab - I like the thought teacher student but for me it's the master of the house and his wife.

Thanks both.