Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Discipline without spanking?

Is it possible? I mean I'm not for shouting, but I have to admit a certain amount often accompanies a spanking, not from P you understand but from me. I can lose the shouting, sometimes, but discipline without the spanking?



PK said...

Awwwwww gee! What's the point??


Mick said...

When the kids were home during the holidays, I had Lynda read a book on time management as a penalty for being late. If she had done it again, I was going to have her write a report on it.

It's probably not the same, but I had wanted her to read it anyway.

Greenwoman said...

It sounds to me like torture for you would equal a gag. *grins*

Janet said...

It is possible, tough but possible. Sometimes when the kids are home and I am in trouble there is a spanking and unless I want them to know what is going on I have to be very quiet. But it is much better when I can make noise.

Hermione said...

Ronnie - when spanking isn't an option for discipline, there have to be other ways for the domly one to express his displeasure.

I think I'd prefer the spanking.


FunKayLynn said...

I'll take spanking but the looks and stares I get often freeze my in my tracks and thoughts.... Oh and there's thee "I'll put your laptop in my trunk while I'm at work one..." No thanks.. I'd prefer spanking (as I'm a recidivist!!)

mouse said...

Ya, I think so....well at least in my dynamic. Sometimes a harsh look does more to me than the spanking.


Maggie said...

Mhm, there is something about that LOOK, but for serious discipline? C'mon now! I'll just make the mistake MORE if you don't give me the spanking :P


Dave The Rave said...

Sometimes being told to strip "RIGHT NOW!", regardless who else might be there, can make me quiver in shame. Then, as I am totally nude and 'in position', the woman will do nothing, but CONTROL is key.

Sometimes having my penis locked in a restraint against my will can be very humiliating, worse than any bare ass punishment.

And, having a woman say - "Should I let my other FRIENDS watch as I beat your ass?!" is enough for me to remain totally naked, scared and say "No, please, no!" A few even suggested they let their young daughters see me get spanked, sending fear thru me, as well.

Of course, any terror also causes my manhood to react and stand at attention, so being locked up only adds to the shame.

There are MANY was to punish someone without doing physical harm.

ronnie said...

PK - Exactly PK.

Mick - I suppose discipline can be given in different ways but for me would always have to be a spanking :)

Greenwoman - LOL, yes indeed. Thanks.

Janet - I hate to be quiet when I'm being spanked, takes a lot of willpower not to shout :)

Hermione - Oh me too Hermione.

KayLynn - A recidivist, me too :) I love your avatar

Mouse, Maggie - The look just doesn't do it for me, words can sometimes depending on the circumstances.

Thank you all.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: I can understand that you need the spanking as part of the discipline. I am sure P understands that.

Time outs are OK to discipline children but not adult women who want their bottoms warmed. LOL.


Jayne's Master said...

In my view there are many ways of discipline without having to always resort to spanking. I myself have many forms of domestic discipline that I have enjoyed for years and have just started to blog about it. It works very well for me anyway.

ronnie said...

Jayne - Hello and welcome, thanks for your comment, appreciate it.


Daisychain said...

Due to my past, I can't take being shouted at, or an angry (even if controlled and quiet)voice. I am utterly distraught within seconds, and inconsolable for some time, as Davey has found to his cost. When spanking is a feasible alternative, this is by far the best course of action, though for bratting (while on holiday on a private mountain) he sent me to my room....which I hated...
He later told me HE is in charge and will spank me when HE sees fit, not when I decide to brat to get one.... grrr, he knows me too well!
Hugs, xxxxxxxxxxxx

Jayne's Master said...

Hi again Ronnie,
Like Daisychain says in her comment, I sometimes get sent to my room when I have been rude or cheeky but when I go there and the door is closed I am even more naughty cos I play with myself. I have to be sure I dont get caught doing that though cos serious punishment would follow if I did.
Just thought I would let you know.

ronnie said...

Dave, FD, sorry missed your comments, thanks for stopping by.


ronnie said...

Daisy hi, Davey certainly knows you too well and I can't stand being shouted at either.

Jayne - Hello again.
When younger I remember a couple of my friends said their parents always sent them to their rooms as punishment but I could never see the point then and still can't now.

Thanks both.