Monday, 25 January 2010

Crying is OK

I asked P yesterday evening when was the last time he'd cried, he was reading whatever and looked at me a bit odd for disturbing him, then he said he didn't know. Then before I got chance to tell him he said he did remember actually, it was when his brother died, and it wasn't really crying, it was everything built up and he just lost it for a few moments. He couldn't remember a time before that. Why, he asked.

''Because I just read an article by India Knight, in today's Sunday Times, saying we all cry a lot more these days and it's good for us, and she actually looks suspiciously upon anyone who doesn't cry or says they never cry.'' I answered, and went on to summarise some of the article which is actually very good and makes sense, and gives loads of reasons for crying and why it's good for you.

''And?'' He asked.

''Well I was just wondering, when you spank me, maybe I should cry more, what do you think. I mean she didn't mention spanking, I just wondered.''

''You hardly ever cry except over books or sad movies,'' he said, ''I do remember a few times when you've sniffled after a spanking but mostly I'd say you cry out, which is not the same as crying.''

''I did cry when you spanked me for being horrible about your mom,'' I corrected him, ''but you'd gone to pick her up so you missed most of it.''

''Well be horrible about my mom again then and see if it makes you feel good, then if it doesn't write to India Knight and complain.'' I knew he was joking but I had a point, I just wasn't making it very well. I think I'd like to cry more but I don't want a sore backside for days after just to test it, and anyway I don't think it was the pain that made me cry on that occasion, I think it was more that I'd genuinely offended P and didn't have chance to apologise.

''I think I'm most likely to cry when I've genuinely offended you,'' I told him, ''and it's the words you use when you discipline me that turn on the waterworks.''

''Ah,'' he said, ''so my spankings don't make you cry but my words do. So I need to up my spanking and hold back on the words. I'll get the balance right one day.'' He was still joking, maybe I chose the wrong time to ask. ''What are you reading, by the way?'' I asked him.

''Somebody taking trip down the Danube,'' he answered. ''Okay, sounds interesting,'' I lied and went back to my paper.

Intellectual conversation hardly, but if by some miracle he remembers and does up his spanking, well, who am I to argue.



Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

I find that crying makes me feel better if I am really stressed...but I have to feel emotional to cry when being spanked...

My husband seems to get really turned on by me crying...I don't know why...I think there is a name for that...Nooo not weird lol...

Karen x

Hermione said...

We don't consider crying to be be the result of spanking, although sometimes the tears will come if Ron threatens not to spank me and I'm really desperate for a good bottom-warming. So i suppose words have that effect for us, too.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Hmmm, more spankings, fewer words. Sounds interesting even if he was joking.


M:e said...

This sparked some thoughts on a posting I've been trying to write for a year or so now yet just can't seem to get to come out right. Perhaps I'll have another go.

love and hugs xxx

PK said...

I rarely ever cried in front of Nick before we started spanking and I have never cried from a spanking but I am better at letting my emotions out in general. I've given up on the idea of crying during a spanking but who know, maybe someday.


spirited one said...

A good way to get the tears to come... to just let go is when you know it's not going to stop until you do. At least it works for me. Maybe you can ask P to give that a try?


ronnie said...

Karen - I wished I could cry more other than watching films. I've heard that before about men being turned on by women crying. I feel very moved when I see a man crying, not turned on.

Hermione - Ha! that's a good way of looking at it, might be more appropriate too as I think I'd be more upset at the thought of NO spanking than I ever could be BY a spanking:)

FD - I'll take more spankings any time FD :)

M:e - I don't think I put this one to well. I hope you do have another go at that post M:e as it may help me understand my thoughts.

PK - I would like to cry during a spanking but I don't think I can.

Spirited one - I'm not sure if it would work for me but I'd like to try. Thanks.

Thanks all.


Sara said...

Hi Ronnie, I think like many things, tears come at different times for many of us. For me, if there is emotions, like in a P spanking, yes, I will cry. And right, for me too, it is the words that mostly do that. Otherwise, I have to be emotionally wound up and need to cry for the pain of a spanking to trigger tears. If I am feeling good, if things are good between us, it would take an awful lot of hurt to make me cry...much more pain than Grant is willing to give, or I would want to have.

Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical.........................................

ronnie said...

Sara - You said it exactly right Sara, better than I could have explained it. Thanks for that.

Ricky - Hello, thanks, glad you liked it.


Daisychain said...

Damn...I'm a positive TAP!!!!!
I cry easily, but, yes, as you say, Ronnie, its worse if I know he is disappointed/cross with me.... I really hate to upset him and cry in temper/disgust at myself for being mean to him.... xxxxxxxxx